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  1. Thanks Longbower 👍 I've added to tally in vermin section 😉
  2. Sure, a very good friend of mine made it for me as a surprise gift for my 40th birthday. It's made from American walnut. He lives in Malta I go there now and then as my grandfather is Maltese.
  3. Thought I would have a look about today after last night's storm to see if any greys were about and managed to bag 5 Total =1880
  4. Thanks , nice bag you got there !! And a cracking piece of kit too 👍
  5. South wales , Caerphilly area for the greys 👍
  6. 1 dog fox 12 bore 42g no 3 eley Alphamax 259
  7. hi, thanks for your replies, it's nice to be out with the air rifle keeping the vermin in check 👍
  8. Hi I'm new to the site and just want wish everyone a great xmas!!! 😉
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