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  1. Prem1234 told me about this post this afternoon, cant believe this took so long to go ....... Please keep me in mind if more dates available, have all my own gear and insurance. hope you have a great days shooting tomorrow
  2. Think any land i shoot at present will be fairly accessable by a moderate 4x4 but......... if you know of anyone looking for a shooting partner (with a decent 4x4, obviously 😉) im open to suggestions or introductions.......👍
  3. could you send me some more details (e.g. service history/mot due date etc) and some photos please.......... would definitely consider.
  4. What age is your car?? How long have you owned it?? Is it just wesr and tear with long ownership or Are subura’s Just another bad buy with a small budget?? 😢
  5. I’m hoping I’m lucky!! 🤞.......... is like to think that not “everyone” who’s selling a motor is a fraudster........ I mean, I don’t honestly think I could sell a car if I really knew it was wrecked. Totally agree about “lots of rubbish” though..... made some enquiries recently on a couple of motors and the more questions I begin to ask the more there stories seem to unravel and i run for the hills. 😂 Another vote for Subaru and xtrail.......... 👍 not that fussed about mpg...... what would you expect the Subaru to do around town and on a run?
  6. Funny you should say that, the Subaru Forester is definitely a front runner at present, nice to hear you rate them. Do you have one?? If so, are there any things to look out for when/if buying one??
  7. Hi all. As title suggests i'm finally in the market for a 4x4, unfortunately i only have a small budget as currently squirreling money away for a house deposit. what are peoples thoughts? i have to travel 130miles to where i shoot so looking for something fairly reliable and efficient........... there does seem to be plenty of choice out there but cant beat others peoples experiences and opinions........ Thanks
  8. any chance of some pics please. is it just the combi drill or does it have the impact too?
  9. Lol!! Cheers mate. didnt want to ask you directly and pester you anymore than I already have!!
  10. Hi all. As title suggests, am after some 12gauge 30grm size 6 cartridges for this weekend. Didn’t want to buy a job lot as mainly different cartridges for clays...... looking for around 200ish for the time being. Based in Surrey so looking to collect from someone fairly local. cheers everyone.
  11. I’ll take them!! Can you PM me your payment details and I’ll send over my address. cheers
  12. P90DLY

    Pigeon job lot

    Sorry for all the questions...... 1- where in Kent? 2- is it just a day trip or could I also collect on the 3rd??
  13. P90DLY

    Pigeon job lot

    When are you coming to Kent Fenny?
  14. P90DLY

    Pigeon job lot

    Dependant on when your in Kent I’m more than interested! ?
  15. P90DLY

    Pigeon job lot

    Where abouts in Kent and when are you heading to Down buddy?? Also, is there any movement on price at all??
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