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  1. Still for sale £70 posted
  2. It's my son who uses the 20b I actually got one of his up for sale in sales section.
  3. Il most certainly be intouch if I decide to definitely reload but like someone said it may not be worthwhile for the amount it gets used. I was also looking into the reloading of 20g cartridges aswel as my son goes through a hell of a lot.
  4. I think I'll look out for those 👍 You totally right what you saying..True might hang on to it , but like I mentioned before I'm I little pushed for room in the rifle cabinet too 👍 keep that in mind ,but I have already got the slot for the 17 on my ticket now.
  5. Dedito shooting/walking boots, good boots these. If you know the name you will know what they retail at. Outgrown by my son still great condition excellent treads few stains around the top shown in pics but not to bad. size 5 ,I found mine smallish and got a size up, I'm 10 so got a 11 so trying on would be recommended if possible. £80 postage inc
  6. I have the 452 cant fault it 👌
  7. Just got my licenses back last week took 9 month 😄 I bet if only bought 3 boxes in last 2 year
  8. That's the sort of answers I was looking for not find another sport. Definitely worth while reloading then eh works out about quid a round to buy where I go. Only stock Winchester 55gr. Thanks for the advice as above Winchester 55gr. Might have to look in to a reloading kit
  9. Same really not used the rifles much at all since my lads doing more and more Clay's. But wouldn't get rid of them haha ⬆️
  10. Bit late I know but my lad had used one for around 2 year and gets on very well with it. Hes 12 and it 20g and hes shooting on average 50-60% of targets at well known cpsa registered 100 bird comps in north east area.
  11. One thing I didn't mention the cabinet with my rifles in is full up at the moment with no room left so to fit in the 17 something would need to go. The 223 is what I use least mainly because of cost to feed. Having a young son that's doing well with his clay shooting most of my spare cash now goes towards buying batches of 20g cartridges to keep him in comps 😄. If I did sell I think I'll be going for another cz in 17 nice and cheap and never fails. So would think il only be using part of what I make on the tikka. May only sell gun only and keep the scope. Noticed there is a 17 in private sales gun only 🤔.
  12. Toying with the idea of selling the 223 it's a tikka t3 light fantastic rifle, was bought about 3 year ago intentionally for fox control and odd goose cull.. rarely gets out out the cabinet these days so was thinking of letting it go a getting a 17hmr which will be cheaper to feed and can be used for the same purpose. Never owned a 17, am I right in thinking itll be ok for the job mentioned???
  13. This is my gun message or any details
  14. They look good quality
  15. Evening all... can anyone recommend a decent game bag something that doesn't cost a fortune. This sort of thing.
  16. I was thinking I'd be looking at about £15-20 a month which isn't out the way as vet Bill's can run into thousands these days .. was thinking about not mentioning about working as it's not that often and at end of the day accidents can happen on a normal walk in the woods.
  17. Hi folks I'm looking at getting my pup insured hes a cocker use him occasionally for a little beating and in the hide can anyone recommend a insurance company what doesn't cost the earth. Ti
  18. Exactly what I'LL be looking for just waiting on my variation getting sorted.
  19. I got intouch with hawke as the scope on my 22rf, an old early model night eye had a fault with one of the lenses inside, they asked me so send it in to them which I did .few days later they rang me and said those models are now obsolete and said order anything out the catalogue and get 50% off
  20. Thanks lads ill be having one of those I think not to bad at them prices
  21. As above my whip on the bottle has blew whilst filling the gun..wasn't a surprise it was kinked for a long time so it was going to happen eventually. What price are they these days? Can't fill the airgun until I find one.
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