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  1. Thanks for the interesting and informative reply, I agree that the thermal does appear to be a game changer. Looks like I’ll have to do some over time or rob the kids money box. Thanks again. Regards Russ
  2. Thanks for posting a positive response about BASC. Their Firearms department were very helpful when I wanted advice about my FAC application. As you say, credit where credit is due.
  3. I have a pair of Altberg Defenders and am very impressed with them. Paid £70 brand new in the box of the bay. Fantastic value for money.
  4. Thank you very much for such an informative reply to my original question. I do have a 12 bore o/u shotgun so that would be appear to be a good starting point. I can’t say I’m that good a shot with a shotgun so the 12 is probably going to give me a better chance of a hit than a smaller 410. Fortunately noise isn’t an issue on my permission. A thermal monocular/spotter does appeal but I can’t afford one just yet. Thanks again for your prompt and helpful response. Regards Russ
  5. As a relative novice to the world of grey squirrel control I am intrigued as to how you use a shotgun and a thermal to control grey squirrels? I’ve only ever used a feeder and air rifle. Why do you use a moderated 410?
  6. Where are they located as I’m fairly local in Beds?
  7. First one on the feeder at 05:55 which was a result as I only get set up at 5:45. Had another two between 07:10 and 08:45, I packed up and went home about 10:00. Finished the session with a coffee and a very nice Aldi 85% chocolate bar. My Bergara shooting chair bit me today and took a piece of flesh out of my thumb. Am I the only person to find these chairs comfortable to sit on but a complete nightmare to put up and pack away?
  8. Altberg Defenders are a good quality boot. If you look on the Bay of Evil there is usually a good selection of boots both new and second hand. My new pair cost £50 are great value for money.
  9. Interesting about the early morning feeding times. I usually see greys on my feeder from 06:00 onwards but that’s only because I get there at 05:45, they might be there earlier. I am out tomorrow morning so I’ll let you know how I get on.
  10. Shot two this morning in the wood, arrived at 05:40 and left just after 09:00. 1273
  11. Only 1 today. Very slow morning on the feeder. 1227
  12. Thanks mate. I hope your wife had a good birthday. Did you buy her something nice?
  13. I’ve not been very active on the forum since I joined it, but now I have a good squirrel permission I have decided to share my results here. Attached are some pictures taken on my weekly visits to the feeder. The rifle is an Air Arms S410 in 177 with Mamba lite scope. My pellet of choice is the Air Arms Diablo Field. Couple more pictures. Total since the lock down was lifted is 15. Total 1173. Regards Russel.
  14. Oh no!!! My Mrs has just got one off the bay of evil as a belated birthday present for me which I don't think will be as good value for money as the ones you do. I am not going to tell her that though. Russ
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