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  1. As others have said this is a fantastic opportunity I just wish I was closer.
  2. Two yesterday off the squirrel feeder with the S410k. 663.
  3. I have one of the NightHawk pop up hides with a seat in it. On Wednesday I set up on the feeder at 06:50 and had three dead squirrels on the ground by 08:40. The squirrels weren’t bothered by the sight of it they were to busy eating. The hide is reasonably comfortable and very easy to carry from my car to where my feeder is located in the wood. You need to use it a few times to get comfortable with it. I cant leave it in the wood as it would be gone within 24 hours.
  4. That sounds like a great permission as it’s never been shot. Two hours laying on the ground....no thanks. Treat yourselves to a hide there is loads of good advice to be had on here and AGF about hides, be it pop up ones or the pallet type. I’m more than happy to share my experiences both good and bad with the pop up variety. For two hours laying on the ground that’s an excellent result, respect to your mate. Post some pictures of the feeders when you make them I’m interested to see what other people are using. Three today off the feeder with the AAS410 in 177. First customer a
  5. Well done mate. Seven is a fantastic result. Some of us haven’t seen a squirrel on our feeders in weeks.
  6. I have been thinking about getting a Mossberg 410 myself for squirrel control so will be interested to read the replies to this thread. The Hushpower ones do appear to be a bit of drain pipe and I’m not sure I could use one in my pop up hide.
  7. One yesterday off the feeder with the AA S410. 63
  8. Thanks for posting the picture of the red squirrels, always a pleasure to see them. Unfortunately none in my part of the country. Im doing my bit to reduce the number of greys though.,
  9. Nice video mate. I enjoyed it and some of your other posts 😉 over on AGF. Regards Russ
  10. One off the feeder this morning with the AAS410. Very cold and frosty out today so needed to thaw out with a flask of tea and dark chocolate KitKat. Total 1689.
  11. This really says it all about PX farms. If your desperate for somewhere to shoot then pay them for the privilege of shooting their pigeons. I did and shot there for a couple of years but don’t anymore. They take the Michael out of the shooting community.
  12. Better than nothing just about sums it up. They pay people to ferret the rabbits, then expect shooters to pay to shoot the non existent rabbits. Taking the Michael.
  13. Thanks for the interesting and informative reply, I agree that the thermal does appear to be a game changer. Looks like I’ll have to do some over time or rob the kids money box. Thanks again. Regards Russ
  14. Thanks for posting a positive response about BASC. Their Firearms department were very helpful when I wanted advice about my FAC application. As you say, credit where credit is due.
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