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  1. There are a few places that do "fire cement" such as *bay (big bags of 25kg just add water) and screw*** small tubs of 2kg ready mixed- about same price per kg. I haven't used it but also been looking for very same reasons for a pizza oven. would be very interested in the outcome, but I like the idea of the "portable one" just using fire bricks so can take down when not being used as seen on youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHMQ_QQJtbY
  2. Thanks Gunman, a good idea about a plug,
  3. Hi Folks, was hoping you may be able to help on 2 questions.. Firstly, I have been able to get my hands on a J Sanderson .410 hammer gun and I am aware J Anderson & sons used to have a store in Malton, but who would have made these guns originally. I suspect that they bought in and branded them to their stores in the old days? Secondly the fore end has some slight damage on the wood where the catch "clips on" as in picture - what would be the best way to repair? -fires perfectly and tight on the face so doesn't seem to affect the gun as no movement etc, but obviously a hole
  4. I genuinely appreciate the question and concern old'un, I have learnt a lot from this forum and others over the years and am pleased that people are still willing to share their knowledge.
  5. I had the chamber extended to 70mm and has been nitro proofed when the barrels got renovated, although maybe not one for the purist this gun is not going anywhere or being sold on so wanted to have a bit more option in cartridge choice.
  6. At £220 per thousand for fibre wads delivered I think a reasonable price - and well worth every penny if i am hitting things!
  7. I ordered a slab a while ago to try in my renovated "family" gun that I received back recently, some foolishly nostalgic reason as they are made a few miles from where I grew up where the old gun was used over many years by a number of generations and its the first time I had ever shot the family gun. I am a total novice to guns and cartridges compared to others, but I find them really comfortable to shoot and tend to hit more (only clays and using 24g 7.5's) with these than other cartridges. Service is excellent, I ordered more yesterday and got delivery at lunch time today. PS I
  8. After getting my family gun (william powell) renovated by "wabbitbosher", it is so hard to leave his place with only 1 gun. He very kindly ( or wisely) showed me a recent gun back from the barrel restorers. Something I have been yearning for for some time, a Damascus barrelled hammer gun. Out comes a WJ Davis of Birmingham- Beautiful barrels and in great condition, I think around the 1890 age - serial number 74775 this has been reproofed for nitro, but wanted to try out some black powder cartridges for a bit of fun, and what fun they are, although a little expensive so only for a tr
  9. quick update... Treated myself to a box of black powder cartridges and took my youngest for a shoot, at least 4th and 5th generation using the old family gun, a bit hard to see things through the smoke, but what fun they are!!!!
  10. Update on the William Powell . Firstly a huge thanks to "Bosher" who has returned the family gun in a transformed condition, that looks and shoots fantastic. A bit of a recap, I was gifted this gun from my uncle last year, as it had been sat in his gun cabinet for over 40 years. It has been in the family for a couple of generations at least but we don't know exactly when. I managed to get some info from the very helpful guys at William Powell and they had the details :- made for a Mr Thomas Waller of Bradford, December 1892. the barrels are the original fluid pressed steel, and it ap
  11. I got a text message from them today -booked in for tomorrow Sounds like they will have a good safe system set up including 1-way system along the set layout haven't been this excited for a while!
  12. I have had a Victory CR600w in the past. great little guns that use the co2 capsule (1 at a time) perfect for garden plinking and a cheap price.
  13. ShootingEgg I do truly admire the effort people out in, in their own time because they want to pass on skills, knowledge and for the joy of the sport. If you do put on a day, you will certainly have 1 space filled!
  14. From reading a lot of threads on this forum, BASC seem to get a lot of slating and derision. But I believe credit needs to given when due. My young lad, was able to partake in a days introduction for wild-fowling yesterday organised by BASC and supported by the local wild-fowling clubs. Being a totally new experience for him (and me), the whole day was a huge learning curve which he thoroughly enjoyed. A small amount of time learning about legislation, bird recognition range finding and conservation. Followed by a late afternoon on the marshes close to Wells, where I was lucky enough to t
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