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  1. At 7 months old I am appreciating that there is a real love of the water for labs This was on a very early walk to avoid the heat yesterday, and amazed at how focused he was on retrieving his stick, ignored the ducks. We go for regular swims and just have fun, but this is the best he has been. Like a lot of others started out with very shallow water in a small pool nearby and when went to the beach, Now have to be careful as he is so keen to get into the water (hence the harness as he can go in at a steep bank area and has difficulty getting out!)
  2. Following this and other threads with huge interest ! we picked up our new Lab pup last weekend. The main thing I have read from these threads is that sensible play is a key thing. There is my temptation to do to much to soon, but fully appreciate slow and steady will get the results. Really looking forward to many years of fun and hopefully some decent retrieving.
  3. I am hoping you guys may be able to help in a little info. just opened a full box of Hull comp x 28gram bought as a job lot of mixed boxes and found these metal cased cartridges (6 of the small 7 shot and 19 of the longer 4 shot)! obviously someone had stored in a sealed box as top of the box wasn't tampered but you can open the bottom of the box easily. There are 2 types a longer 12gauge metal (aluminium?) case made in Nederland- 4 shot 32 gram, The second type made in Belgium steel case and crimp 7 shot and assuming 34gram (weighing cartridge before and after shooting. Out of curiosity did try and shoot, the small 7 shot worked fine, but longer 4 shot, primer didn't work Any ideas of make and date ?? have tried searching google and can only find a site in USA that has the steel crimped (6 shot) for sale but no additional info many thanks in advance. Si
  4. What a day this was.... Another superb day for the memory banks. It started before sunrise getting set for the duck flight. So many mallard and geese around but luck not in as before, flying just out of range. A couple of hours in and having shot pigeon and a crow we were approached by some of Fenny's acquaintance's who asked if we wanted to join them walking a beet field for some pheasant. Who would say no? A steady walk though the field and some great work by the dogs put up a few pheasant. Following the beet field we went into an adjacent fallow field for another walk through. what a mix of game.... One chap got his 1st woodcock, snipe a plenty but to quick for us, more pheasant and partridge put up by the dogs. You'd think the day couldn't get any better, but it could. We went to another location to walk down the side of a drain. The one dog working really hard (and having great fun) put up pheasant, got a couple of hares running , during which a number of hidden teal flew out of the drain which we were to slow for. Getting to the end of the permission, a shot into some woods put up a large number of duck from another drain that made a flight round but just out of range, but the extra pigeon compensated. Prior to the final duck flight, we went back to and walked the fallow field again, with one chap getting his 1st snipe, and another pheasant was bagged. Now set for the final phase of the day, getting set for the duck flight, again a lot of movement with both mallard and geese in the air. A few pigeon shot and another chap bagging his 1st goose. A truly memorable day again with fantastic company and a real privilege for me to be part of the chaps getting a number of game for the 1st time. I cant say I shot all the game, but the mix included; Pigeon, crow, mallard, widgeon, pheasant, snipe, woodcock, goose and hare We even got a visit from the local constabulary! someone had reported people hare coursing - quite funny when you see the dogs there! but all dealt with very amicably and sensibly by the local police. A great day and huge thanks to Fenny once again
  5. These are great days. I was on another day yesterday and 1st 2 shots bagged 2 mallard, rest of day - LOTS of pigeon Picture attached is the beautiful sunrise over the Fens waiting for the duck to fly in, more than just shooting a very relaxing and enjoyable day out having been lucky enough to do a few of these days, Fenny is a great host that takes a lot of trouble picking the best locations
  6. These are fantastic days, have been lucky to go on a couple of full days over the last few weeks with birds shot every time. (have a look in sporting pictures section for my most memorable day shooting geese !) Fenny is a superb guide who puts in a lot of work to pick the best locations on the day, even scouting round the area on the day if your original location gets quite, which doesn't happen often. very accommodating for the novice or experienced shooter.
  7. thanks for info and idea
  8. This was a truly memorable day, my first shot Fen (or any type) duck and goose. Was happy to be out for the day with great company from Fenny (this being one of his offered inland duck and pigeon decoying days) but to shoot this many birds was remarkable, would have been happy with one. Even nicer to know nothing was wasted and all found a willing recipient of the birds, including myself where I have made a number of dishes. That day is going to be hard to match, I am a willing learner to the sport and very appreciative to the additional work and time that goes in to find the right location, very little left to chance with Fenny having his "lookouts" seeing the geese feeding on the stubble the day before- he really knows his area and the best places to shoot that can change daily. Huge thanks to Fenny and anyone thinking about taking him up on his pigeon decoying & inland duck days you will not be disappointed
  9. Hi folks. I am looking to get a replacement magazine spring for my 12g wingmaster 870, is there anywhere that sells these other than Brownells? as these seem to be for extended tubes which I dont have. Just standard crimped magazine tube. have been searching on google but all are USA sites or is there a standard spring that can be used. many thanks for any advice Si
  10. just a quick update was able to get to Westlands for a morning last week. What a lovely ground and facilities. The new gun room is especially appealing with a large selection 20 stands with a variety including compak and a high tower - some more challenging than others. Staff very helpful and hospitable and decent prices for clays (32p) My son and I had a very nice time, the wife was also happy as the Gretna Green outlet centre is only 10mins away so left her there for a bit of shopping.
  11. Thanks all assistance greatly appreciated a few more than I thought and originally found
  12. Hi having a family holiday mid August and looking for clay grounds in the Northern Pennines area, that are open midweek. have found a couple Westlands and "Stevesmith" each about an hours drive. I am know from posts on this forum some have gone to Westland in the past, but are there any other recommendations of grounds worth a look? Have also looked at Coniston (gets good reviews), which is the limit I want to drive for the day thanks for any help Si
  13. hi folks I acquired a number of older cartridges as part of a job lot possibly a basic question, but how safe are old cartridges to shoot. Can these be used on clays etc (obviously ground dependant and on private land due to weight of loads). I don't have any interest in collectability, but if any one interested happy to swap for "modern" cartridges pictures attached just a selection example. cheers Si
  14. Thanks for all the replies, and reassurance. for some reason not having noticed it before I got it into my head it was a real safety issue. I should stick to my fixed choke SBS and not worry to much!!
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