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  1. I have had a Victory CR600w in the past. great little guns that use the co2 capsule (1 at a time) perfect for garden plinking and a cheap price.
  2. ShootingEgg I do truly admire the effort people out in, in their own time because they want to pass on skills, knowledge and for the joy of the sport. If you do put on a day, you will certainly have 1 space filled!
  3. From reading a lot of threads on this forum, BASC seem to get a lot of slating and derision. But I believe credit needs to given when due. My young lad, was able to partake in a days introduction for wild-fowling yesterday organised by BASC and supported by the local wild-fowling clubs. Being a totally new experience for him (and me), the whole day was a huge learning curve which he thoroughly enjoyed. A small amount of time learning about legislation, bird recognition range finding and conservation. Followed by a late afternoon on the marshes close to Wells, where I was lucky enough to tag along. The wild-fowlers giving up their time to mentor the youngsters on a one-to one basis on the marsh was fantastic, explaining how to safely navigate the marsh and creeks, settling in and waiting and listening to birds calls. A few of the youngsters were able to get a few shots off with one bringing down a mallard. But the whole afternoon was a huge lesson in patience, respect for the wildlife and environment. A few other opportunities nearly arose but being just of range or a protected species meant no "wild" shots were taken for the sake of getting as many birds as possible. It is amazing the knowledge these local wild-fowlers have. Even though my boy didn't take any shots he had a truly memorable day, especially coming off the marsh and through creeks after dark! with a huge desire to go again.
  4. re listed with reduced price if any questions or more pictures required just let me know thanks
  5. very good advice thanks I do like the idea of doing a "partial" renovation as want to keep the character of the gun due to the history being in the family rather than it looking new (would also be cheaper!)
  6. my 12 yo has a 12g baikal sbs from "bosher" shorter barrels and shorter stock fits very well and happily shoots 21gram hull comp. 24gram and over a bit uncomfortable on the clay ground for him
  7. thanks all for info. on the internet after searching there is quite a bit of history regarding William Powell & sons. have also contacted https://www.williampowell.com/ so will see when they get back to me. will also organise a trip to them in Banbury to see about cost for restoring
  8. good idea about contacting them checked the serial number, is actually 9500 and not 93500 and is indeed on the tang behind trigger guard. it is 12g as has a 13 over 1 on barrel, think is boxlock non ejector
  9. I am looking for a bit of info on an old family gun, and know there is a wealth of knowledge out there... My Uncle has a William Powell sbs, doing a quick search from photos he sent i think it is around 1887-1896 from proof mark. However, on the action is a date 1884 but i think this might be a patent date? (as in photo) he is not the best photographer but I think serial number is 93500. I will probably be looking to renovate at some point as has been in family for at least 2 generations but last fired around 40 years ago. If anyone has any info of what type, make, age etc I would be hugely grateful. Have been "googleing" but limited success so far
  10. JS Ramsbottom do a few thread protectors on their website, think they are also on ebay
  11. Si.F

    35 Dakotas

    saw one flying near Duxford today an amazing sight. Was lucky enough to fly in one in the 80's when the "air atlantique" Dakota was based at Blackpool airport. I do remember it being very loud and rattled a lot!!
  12. on their website price list, Rapeed 27g cheaper than UT's 28g (only by a few pounds per 1000) unless they haven't updated the list and put prices up?
  13. Thanks Matone, was curious about recoil- not bothered if dirty as easy to clean a gun.
  14. Hi all I am going past Malmo guns next week and will be getting some cartridges, I have seen they are selling Rapeed in 27g has anybody used them, if so any comments on what they are like better,or worse than universal trap? thanks for any comments Si.
  15. Si.F


    Its a real shame people have this opinion of SBS's, I recently purchased one for my self and a small baikal for my 12 yr old ("Bosher" bargains), both perfect fits and we have a great time at the clay grounds. Both of them bought for a tenth of the price of my Browning. A very cheap way for people to get into the sport and for youngsters to learn. 12yr old shoots it far better than a 686 Beretta we have for them. Admittedly, I don't enter competitions just enjoy shooting with friends and my two boys.
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