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  1. Hi folks. I am looking to get a replacement magazine spring for my 12g wingmaster 870, is there anywhere that sells these other than Brownells? as these seem to be for extended tubes which I dont have. Just standard crimped magazine tube. have been searching on google but all are USA sites or is there a standard spring that can be used. many thanks for any advice Si
  2. just a quick update was able to get to Westlands for a morning last week. What a lovely ground and facilities. The new gun room is especially appealing with a large selection 20 stands with a variety including compak and a high tower - some more challenging than others. Staff very helpful and hospitable and decent prices for clays (32p) My son and I had a very nice time, the wife was also happy as the Gretna Green outlet centre is only 10mins away so left her there for a bit of shopping.
  3. Thanks all assistance greatly appreciated a few more than I thought and originally found
  4. Hi having a family holiday mid August and looking for clay grounds in the Northern Pennines area, that are open midweek. have found a couple Westlands and "Stevesmith" each about an hours drive. I am know from posts on this forum some have gone to Westland in the past, but are there any other recommendations of grounds worth a look? Have also looked at Coniston (gets good reviews), which is the limit I want to drive for the day thanks for any help Si
  5. hi folks I acquired a number of older cartridges as part of a job lot possibly a basic question, but how safe are old cartridges to shoot. Can these be used on clays etc (obviously ground dependant and on private land due to weight of loads). I don't have any interest in collectability, but if any one interested happy to swap for "modern" cartridges pictures attached just a selection example. cheers Si
  6. Thanks for all the replies, and reassurance. for some reason not having noticed it before I got it into my head it was a real safety issue. I should stick to my fixed choke SBS and not worry to much!!
  7. good point, the variation is exactly same for both barrels where the chokes finish. Also done another check with a metal ruler and they do taper in slightly no gaps or problems on the rib. Chokes go in and out as before without any issues.
  8. Hi all looking for some sound advice and this is always the place to go 1st. was using my 525 at the weekend, 1st time for a while and maybe I am being a bit obsessive, but wanted to check before taking it to a gun smith. I have attached some photos to try and help explain.. it is multi choke, which are always checked prior to using and after, taken out and cleaned, but as it was a bit sunny during the shoot, I noticed the end of the barrels distorted the reflection, with naked eye and out of the sun doesn't appear to be any issues. But the distortion got me worrying that the barrels may have bulged. the main question being are the 525 barrels normally like this, at the section of the chokes ( as my Beretta doesn't have this distortion also multi choke), or is it possible I have over tightened the chokes and caused the barrels to bulge hopefully have explained sufficiently many thanks Si
  9. There are a few places that do "fire cement" such as *bay (big bags of 25kg just add water) and screw*** small tubs of 2kg ready mixed- about same price per kg. I haven't used it but also been looking for very same reasons for a pizza oven. would be very interested in the outcome, but I like the idea of the "portable one" just using fire bricks so can take down when not being used as seen on youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHMQ_QQJtbY
  10. Thanks Gunman, a good idea about a plug,
  11. Hi Folks, was hoping you may be able to help on 2 questions.. Firstly, I have been able to get my hands on a J Sanderson .410 hammer gun and I am aware J Anderson & sons used to have a store in Malton, but who would have made these guns originally. I suspect that they bought in and branded them to their stores in the old days? Secondly the fore end has some slight damage on the wood where the catch "clips on" as in picture - what would be the best way to repair? -fires perfectly and tight on the face so doesn't seem to affect the gun as no movement etc, but obviously a hole shouldn't be there.- what would you learned guys suggest? many thank for your help Si
  12. I genuinely appreciate the question and concern old'un, I have learnt a lot from this forum and others over the years and am pleased that people are still willing to share their knowledge.
  13. I had the chamber extended to 70mm and has been nitro proofed when the barrels got renovated, although maybe not one for the purist this gun is not going anywhere or being sold on so wanted to have a bit more option in cartridge choice.
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