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  1. Killed a hedgehog.

    Do you have any rat pics?
  2. Killed a hedgehog.

    I prefer peanut butter because they can't carry it away.
  3. Killed a hedgehog.

    Thanks for the replies guys. I'll post a picture of the rat once I've caught it. Rats seem a lot more intelligent than squirrels. I've caught many squirrels in my cage trap but rats are much more wary.
  4. Killed a hedgehog.

    Nearly trapped the rat last night with a cage trap. I hope I haven't educated it as it managed to escape before the door closed.
  5. Killed a hedgehog.

    Thank you. I've set a cage trap tonight, I'll use a fenn once I find a good tunnel. I'll let you know once I've caught it and I'll send some pictures.
  6. Killed a hedgehog.

    That'd be worse than catching a hedgehog. I've only seen a polecat once.
  7. Killed a hedgehog.

    Thank you. I'll try a premade tunnel and see if it works, if it doesn't I'll make one myself. Quite a few hedgehogs must be killed by these traps because many of the tunnels I've seen are big enough for a hedgehog.
  8. Killed a hedgehog.

    Pretty annoyed right now... Last night I set my fenn trap in a brick tunnel and used metal pegs to restrict the entrance. Unfortunately a hedgehog managed to get through and was killed by my trap. Is there anyway I can stop hedgehogs getting killed in my fenn trap, or should I just use live traps? Has anyone else killed hedgehogs accidently? (I set the trap to kill rats which I have seen in my garden on my trail camera)