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  1. One this morning. 1361
  2. I've done that before with my trail camera.
  3. Will catching them in a fenn trap ruin the meat?
  4. ian1337

    Animal aid.

    Grey squirrels are a destructive invasive species. Would there be the same outrage if rats were being culled?
  5. ian1337

    Found a dead roe buck

    I didn't notice anything unusual when I moved it. I think the other side is badly decomposed so would be hard to see an exit wound. I live in Berkshire. Should have checked the other side, probably too late now. I thought it possibly could have been a dog attack/animal attack but I didn't see any sign of a struggle. Hopefully there isn't a disease going around.
  6. ian1337

    Found a dead roe buck

    I didn't notice anything unusual. How does the vegetation affect them? There's lots of vegetation growing at this time of year.
  7. ian1337

    Found a dead roe buck

    I think the holes are due to either crows or maggots. Land belongs to a school, so It's unlikely it was shot.
  8. ian1337

    Found a dead roe buck

    I was walking in a private area of land. In an area of grass bordering a wood I came across a dead roe buck. Looked like it dropped dead on the spot. I saw it alive a week or two ago and it looked healthy. I wonder how it died. Never seen something like this before.
  9. ian1337

    Killed a hedgehog.

    Do you have any rat pics?
  10. ian1337

    Killed a hedgehog.

    I prefer peanut butter because they can't carry it away.
  11. ian1337

    Killed a hedgehog.

    Thanks for the replies guys. I'll post a picture of the rat once I've caught it. Rats seem a lot more intelligent than squirrels. I've caught many squirrels in my cage trap but rats are much more wary.
  12. ian1337

    Killed a hedgehog.

    Nearly trapped the rat last night with a cage trap. I hope I haven't educated it as it managed to escape before the door closed.