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  1. Just added price sorry
  2. 3 gun cabinet for sale only a year old so great condition. Collection only from Peterborough due to weight. £60
  3. I’ve sent pm Steve
  4. Hi all I’m after a optima (full) choke. Happy to swap for a half or just buy.
  5. The kofs I brought new but the yildiz is used. The latter is slightly better put together. But for the money the kofs is well worth it.
  6. I have a new kofs. Lovely gun for the money. Just a little stiff and a full stock. So is a little big for my 11 year old so then brought a second hand yildiz with a small stock and he’s getting on great with it. Both are a bit heavy as he’s a slight 11 year old but he’s hitting clays and loves to come to have his go on the training stand at the end.
  7. Will a mark 2 barrel work on a mark 1?
  8. No sorry there not square just round.
  9. Tig rods don’t have flux on them. That’s MMA or stick rods.
  10. Just get some 316 stainless tig welding rods. They come in 2.3/3.2/4mm about 1m long.
  11. I’ve been shooting probably about 10 or some all together. Never had a misfire! But it’s good to know what to do i I ever do. ?
  12. I’m after swapping a (green) 1/2 for a (blue) cylinder ? The same as this Can anyone help
  13. Hi new to the group. Hope to start to get a few bigger bags in the future. So reading some of your tips.
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