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  1. mi-go-a-go-go

    Vickers Martini 22lr

    bump still looking cheers Richard
  2. mi-go-a-go-go

    Vickers Martini 22lr

    Hi Wabbitbosher If you could dig that would be ace, its a vickers i'm most interested in but ill certainly consider other martinis Cheerho Richard
  3. mi-go-a-go-go

    Vickers Martini 22lr

    Hi Guys Im very interested in getting a vickers martini to join my old guns. One of the early style ones with the more slender stock, not a later one with the full wood pistol grip or thumb hole style. Holts have one in the auction on the 5th but i would rather see what else is around before i put a bid in, i also just resurrected a thread on here in my quest Cheerho
  4. mi-go-a-go-go

    1939 Vickers Empire

    Excuse the cheek of resurrecting this thread but I'm after one of these, . Edward I know its a long while ago but did you get shooting with it? or sell it? cheerio