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  1. Fitsy

    8x8 brooder house

    Thank you Paul233?
  2. Fitsy

    8x8 brooder house

    Good thinking ..you could right 12×12 bit big to handle and lift as I will be on my own to wrestle with it 8x8 for the time being and see what happens if things increase in future ☺
  3. Fitsy

    8x8 brooder house

    No birds this time of year Getting set up for next year and yes will have a night shelter and run ..just wanted to know A bit of info on brooder size so I don't regret in making it too small if I ever was to go up to 500 birds in the future. .
  4. Fitsy

    8x8 brooder house

    12×12 would be suitable ?
  5. Hi all Just wondering if a 8x8 field brooder house big enough to house 500 pheasent chick right up to 6-7 weeks or would I need to build a 12×12 for the extra room? ☺
  6. Yes I know too well about chick.crumbs thanks .. any good tips or good incubators for taking out mallard ??
  7. Hi all looking some info on incubating mallard eggs .. Are they easy to incubating? as from experience my call duck eggs which are a nightmare just wondering are mallard easier to hatch ? I use a ms 50 incubator and a brinsea 380 Looking to hatch and rear for a shoot many thanks kieran