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  1. There is no getting away from the fact the TSS18 is impressive stuff, however how necessary is it? I have some 7's and 9's and to be honest I never shoot at high birds, and if we see geese around here they are never more than 30 yards up and steel is more than adequate. I had some 28 gram loads made and used them on a flight pond to try and the results were unedible birds. Now Eley and Gamebore are upping their eco and fibre wads in steel I see no real need for anything else. How many of us mere mortals can consistently kill at 75-90 yards anyway?
  2. Whereabouts in Essex are you? I'd be happy to help you out. I won't claim to be an expert but been reloading and making my own shot for many years
  3. I have used lots of these since their release. They are a good cartridge. No better or worse than any other. I've used the 3's on the shore and 5's on my pond and both do the job. I have used the 28g 7's on clays too but as yet do not see any need as I shoot lead with a fibre wad
  4. Sorry, £200 including postage
  5. MEC 600Jr in 12 gauge with universal charge bar and powder baffle in good condition works perfectly
  6. Ain't that the truth. We should have walked away 2 years ago with no deal. By now EU companies would be falling over themselves to deal with us. Companies like VW Audi aren't going to live with a 40% cut in turnover for many hours
  7. Many years ago Phil at Essex Shooting school wrapped the pad on my gun with black insulating tape. He take a while to do it but when he had finished it never caught again. He did 3 or 4 vertical strips on the face of it which were neatly trimmed around the join with the wood and then put a couple of wraps of the side of the pad to neaten this all up. it lasted for years and it never grabbed again.
  8. I had a 10 bore auto but it was hopeless for ducks. It was too heavy to swing after a teal that flashes past you. The 12 isn't.
  9. Gamebore Mammoth 3.5" BB's are an awesome cartridge, they will do all you need at normal (Non Dave Carrie or Perazzishot) ranges.
  10. It is, but I would be asking why you want a gun?
  11. I voted leave, and to be honest I am sick of the whole shambles. We voted to leave, not to pander to the EU and keep going back to them cap in hand begging. We should have left the day after evoking article 50 and the negotiating would be done and dusted now. May is on the ropes and the EU will land the final blow shortly. It has been said time and time again any negotiation you cannot walk away from is not a negotiation. The EU know she will not walk away so they can continue to take the ****. They would be shafted if the UK walked away today and they know it, however they also know May will never do it. They NEED to deal with us, they cannot survive without us. Yes a no deal may hurt for a bit, but it will hurt them way more. VW, Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Bosch, Miele, and many many more will not take to kindly to a huge drop in their annual turnover and profit.
  12. Couldn't have said it better myself
  13. Google Holts in Norflok
  14. It has no effect on the pattern, the wad by the time it (if) breaks up is way behind the shot. I have loaded this type of wad for years and never had any issues. If i miss it is because I didn't put the shot in the right place. It is not a poor wad, it is just a different construction. No different to the petals on a plastic wad, some break off, some don't. Some don't even open up properly but it has no effect on the shot as that has already left it behind
  15. The last ones I saw on a shelf in a gunshop was in Mallard Barn shop near Stowmarket. I haven't been there for years so wouldn't know if they still have any
  16. Not at all, it means the 'fibre' wad is actually thousands of layers of paper pressed together and it is coming apart. The evo wads from FES are like this and are excellent wads
  17. The only disadvantage to 110v is lugging a transformer around if you go anywhere else. But having said that if you ever need to go on site it is allowed. As you already have a transformer I would save the £100
  18. My 28g fibre wad cartridges cost 23p per shell if I had to buy shot. I make my own and get lead for virtually nothing from several contacts.Components for my loads without shot cost 13p
  19. Britain would encompass Scotland and also it is illegal to use lead over water in England if it is a designated SSSI
  20. Canada's are not reclassified as vermin. They may be shot under the terms of the GL but they still remain as wildfowl. You still have to abide by all the other laws like Non toxic shot and only 3 cartridges in the gun etc. It is a shame that there are people who have to kill everything and hide behind the 'Vermin Control' flag
  21. Always the optimist, aren't we? A proper little ray of sunshine. There is already 3 on the market. A shift in sales is all it will take for manufacturers to follow suit
  22. can you not move the trigger assembly? On my Anschutz I had the same issue and I moved the trigger back a couple of mm. It cured the problem and now gives very hard strikes and every shot goes off
  23. You cannot go wrong with Gamebore Mammoth, apart from they are plastic wad. But times are changing and hopefully by next season there will be lots of alternatives
  24. that's a dangerous way of load testing. I have used CSB5 for years and have found 22.5 grains to give optimum performance balancing speed/recoil and good patterns. I have loaded up to 25 grains which pack a punch so unless you have good dental insurance don't go that high.
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