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  1. As much as i`ve enjoyed the discussions, and some excellent posts in this section, I am now really looking forward to reading some new posts in the "Talk From The Field" section. I can`t wait to read about people`s trips and exploits back out in the field. We`ve had some great reports that are actually a pleasure to read, and hopefully some new ones will be added very soon. It will be interesting to find out what the pigeon numbers are like at present, and if there has been any significant increase with the recent lower numbers of guns out in the field.
  2. I`d like to think that the lovely Mr Packam and his equally lovely pals are as gutted about the re-issuing of the General Licenses, as the real conservationist were at the revocation of them, but I highly doubt it. He will carry on as usual with his protests, campaigns and crusades against anything he doesn`t personally like, whilst his publicly-funded lawyers sift through the legal terminology of the new GL`s to find a loophole which enables them to be revoked again.
  3. I think that`s a great idea. Cooking programs seem to have masses of viewers, would be good to have a food segment with a household-name chef like Gordon or Hugh. Some people might not like the the whole celebrity culture thing, but lets face facts, the public are obsessed with celebrities, and would check out a program just because they are on it. There`s quite a few tv personalities and sports stars seen enjoying country life and shooting on youtube, I`m sure they would be happy to appear on a mainstream TV program aswell. Well thought out and funded, i`m sure it would be very do-able.
  4. 🤣 It`s getting difficult to find a good Butler in Blyth nowadays...... the real toffs have taken them all, my current Butler is rubbish, he can`t load the second Purdey quick enough and is rubbish at polishing the Rolls
  5. I definitely agree they need to know peoples opinions, and how many of us there are affected by this whole farce, and if individuals want to reply that`s excellent. But I also agree that the organisations we belong to will be replying on our behalf. BASC will be sending an E-mail (presumably more eloquent than one I could write) and will effectively be from more than 150000 people. I would also presume the other big organizations will be doing the same thing on behalf of their members. I`d also like to say well done to Mightymariner for for the heads up on this
  6. Yes, as expected, it is pretty much the same as the GL for Crow, and that was deemed "unfit for purpose", so who on earth thought it was a good idea to bring out the pigeon GL that is the same as the Crow?
  7. Anybody been in to the gunshops lately? I haven`t had a chance this last week, but i`d be interested to know if this whole farce has had an impact on them yet. I imagine the sales of guns, cartridges, decoys, clothing etc. etc. has been down.
  8. Apologies if someone has already put this link on https://naturalengland.blog.gov.uk/2019/04/30/general-licences-tuesday-30-april-update/
  9. I couldn`t agree more. His Aspergers syndrome means he is unable to see things from anyone elses point of view (regardless of facts presented to him), I imagine his own views often contradict his own views and he will plough on with his cause despite knowing it may be wrong because of his brain`s inability to accept that he could be wrong. It`s a shame he wasn`t given a .410 as a child instead of a pair of binoculars, we might now have him as a champion of shooting, instead of trying to stop all forms of it. I wonder how many of the public,and his obsessive followers are aware that he has Aspergers, which prevents him from understanding reality. https://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/proginfo/2017/42/chris-packham-aspergers-and-me
  10. Apologies, I wasn`t on here yesterday, I was out shooting 😁
  11. Literally found out about this an hour ago, can`t even put into words how crazy this is. Hopefully someone will see sense and get it sorted quickly.
  12. I had a trip up to one of my farms today, and they had just started putting the beans in 😀. it`s a good few weeks earlier this year than last, due to the good weather we`ve been having. The farmer said the whole lot will be in and disc rolled in 3 days, so i`ll be back up on Friday, and hopefully will get some decent shooting at last (fingers crossed)
  13. I use the A1 bucket seat 👍, excellent bit of kit, I never go shooting without it. My mate has the one pictured further up the post, and his is a bit too low for him. I find mine spot on to shoot sitting down, and just the right height to stand up from. I`m 5.11" and my knees aren`t brilliant either
  14. Well I think if they are arranging your visit that it`s looking positive. I`m pretty sure they will have done your background checks before they visit you, good luck
  15. As a lot of others have said, each application is different and will depend on many factors. A good mate of mine has been in the same boat as you, he knocked a guy out for laying hands on his wife, it was 11 years ago but he was worried his sgc application would be turned down because of it, he received his cert in the post last week.
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