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  1. Looking for a pair of 1" gloss finish medium height rings for a brno rimfire with 16mm dovetail.
  2. No luck with this so far, would consider a nikko gold or silver crown 4x32 gloss japan glass in excellent condition?
  3. Looking for an Original Model 10 air rifle scope 4x32.
  4. Having a clear out and have the following 22 mags for sale 2 CZ 22lr 5 round polymer mags for 452/455/457 and 512 £20.00 each posted. 1 CZ 22lr 25 round polymer mag for 452/455/457 and 512 £30.00 posted. 1 Norinco 22lr 9 round steel mag for JW-15 £20.00 posted. 1 Sig Mosquito 22Llr 10 round mag (semi auto pistol) £25.00 posted. All above lightly used and in perfect condition. 1 New Marlin 22 WMR 5 round mag for 922m (semi auto 22 magnum) these are not available in UK and rare chance to get one. £40.00 posted.
  5. Would anyone have one of these that was maybe cut of when shortening/threading barrel?
  6. Hi, looking for a CZ 452 front sight hood if anyone has chopped a barrel etc and might have one they're not going to use. Thanks.
  7. Yes tried them, the company that made aftermarket mags for the 611 stopped production. I am hoping someone might have one they are happy to sell.
  8. As title i am looking a 6 or 10 shot mag for my BRNO 611.
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