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    Pigeon and rabbit shooting, general vermin control and rough shooting, Sea fishing, climbing and mountaineering.

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  1. Evening all, I’m after some pigeon shooting in the Dorset area. Fully insured with a decent amount of expierence and a lot of enthusiasm! I live just outside Wool but am more than prepared to put in the miles. Cheers
  2. Well mate if it does and you want some company drop me a message, what sort of shooting is it ?
  3. I’m in the Royal Marines, always enjoyed shooting and thought I’d start taking it up on the outside. Biggest benefit is potential use of MOD land once I get my FAC! Welcome Mike! Have to keep our eye out for some land, Im hoping round saddleworth, your neck of the woods !
  4. Yeh tell me about it, I’ve got the bug now tho so prepared to put the miles in to get some food on the table!
  5. Hi all, Just started shooting for fun I’ve been doing it for work for a while! Joined to read up and get some advice. mainly rough shooting, decoying and vermin control.
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