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  1. Anybody got any lying about they want to sell
  2. Any good looking at one for a rimfire
  3. Salmo


    Saw about 6/8 skiens on the wing today , nothing cut yet so out and about looking for stubbles …… not long now
  4. Salmo

    Gun cabinet

    Wanted 3 or more gun cabinet in or around Kelso ( Scottish Borders )
  5. Wanted as above
  6. Any issues with .22 LR 42 g winchesters
  7. Salmo

    Goose decoys

    Anybody in Scotland selling any
  8. Salmo


    Try Malmo guns
  9. As new with silencer and minox scope £325 . This set up is mint
  10. Salmo


    Been using them but it’s more a nostalgia thing . Try Pegeraro they would stop a train
  11. Salmo


    Many you got ?
  12. Salmo


    3” super xx Winchester lead or Remington lead cartridges infact any American carts . Preferably in Scotland but can collect . Just love using them where allowed
  13. I’ve actually got red hymax The new maximums are 38g 3s
  14. Salmo

    Budget Sub 12lb PCP

    This any good IMG_6174.MOV Sorry not an air rifle
  15. Going to try them on really high pheasants
  16. These are the new ones 38 g only in 3s brought out about 18 months ago ( lead )
  17. Anybody used the above ……..
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