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    i could be wrong from what i remember you remove the trigger mech and then using an allan key pop them out to remove the back block so you can then remove the spring, twchambers website usually has diagrams that you can enlarge too see or see if there is a hw25 strip down video on you tube.
  2. hi Scampy, that IS what i am looking for, but i think its just that much out of my price range as you will want atleast £475 for gun + rfd and then another £25 my end so i think i will have too pass im afraid, thanks for offer though.
  3. looking for a silenced .410 2 or 3 shot for £450 or under probably need to be rfd as i live in the sticks of deepest darkest wales. Thanks for reading.
  4. Hi Sharpe, thanks for the pictures its looks in fairly good nick, dont worry about message i had only messaged yesterday. is it a 3 shot feed? as in load 3 from top and rack through with bolt? also whats the issue with silencer? feel free to private message me if you wish. thanks.
  5. is there any chance i could have a few pictures of this shotgun? im in the market for a 3shot 410 bolt/pump, was looking at hushpowers but if you have a silencer for it id definitely be interested
  6. Thank you all for your reply's, that auction website looks rather dangerous for my wallet haha , i will have a look at the weatherby shotguns. If i decide i like them i may even get a FAC one for some practical shotgun shooting thats always looked fun to me.
  7. I take it you were not a fan then Kraai?? Any bad points to it? Jamming? Or anything else?
  8. Hello all again, been having recurring thoughts about getting a 3 shot pump for some rough shooting (and for fun on clays) and im not looking to spend a fortune on a pump as if i dont like it or get on with it i can move it on. The one that has caught my eye is the Winchester SXP less than £400 new and in a 28" barrel, now im a firm believer of you pay for what you get but are these worth looking at or not?
  9. I bought a lanber sporter a while back second hand for £250 was a corker on the clays, wish I had never got rid of it now im not half as good with my 525 as i was with that.
  10. Hello Saddler, the magazine is pinned and welded in place and cannot be removed so magazine holds zero carts its just there for aesthetics, not sure if that can/will make any difference to the price of the rifle. As for the one linked above i thought it wasn't the same as my rifle however after talking with JJsDad it seems it is just 3 years older, i dont think id pay £1000 for it personally hence why i was asking for people with any info on how i could find out what they generally go for. if by end of the week i cant find any other relevant information i think ill just insure it for £400 i think £4 for every year it has been around seems fair Ha Ha. Thanks again to all those who have helped.
  11. Thank you JJsDad you have been most helpful i will continue my quest to find out whats its rough value is, right now it sits pretty in my safe and more than likely will do so for the foreseeable future as its is a lovely looking gun and a bit of a novelty to me something i can show off to friends atleast, thanks again for your help and to the others (well most of them) for the welcome.
  12. I took this from a quick google search of "a 1917 mk3 enfield" this is the same look of my rifle (im afraid i have no real way of posting a picture of mine) as u say i may be confusing the No vs the Mk i will confess not exactly my strong suit are lee enfield rifles so im guessing from what you have said JJsDad its a No1 mk3? Graham M. I tested it last week with 2 1/2" furlong cartridges, seemed to work fine ejector claw didn't grip 1 shell very well but popped out easy enough when jimmy'd out with a penknife
  13. Thank you inthedark, hambone and Dunkield nice to see that potentially the FAO's checked hospitality on your visits Ha Ha. JJsDad, all i know of this rifle is it was chambered sometime after 1939 to .410 more than likely used for pow or prison guards, as its a mk3 smle could i take a mk4 valuation and apply it to mine? obviously condition taken in to consideration.
  14. Thanks for the effort Stevo i have seen that one already but its nothing like my one thats is an ishapore enfield my one is not the only one close i have seen is on gunstar and thats a mk1 1914. im sure 99% of this website are friendlier however as a person who does not use these sort of things often not a pleasant experience so far i am a section 2 certificate holder and shoot every weekend 52 weeks a year
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