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  1. Fenstu

    FAC air .22 or .25

    Thanks for all the info and suggestions guys, think I will do as villaman suggested and put in for both cals, don’t have to get both straight away.
  2. Fenstu

    FAC air .22 or .25

    I have, just after clarification whether to go .22 or .25, don’t want to start a big debate
  3. Fenstu

    FAC air .22 or .25

    Hi, Am in the process of applying for my FAC and I need to put down which calibre I will be using, my preferred option in sub 12 is .177 but from what I have read this is not the best option in full power, so leaves .22 or .25 as not really much around about .20`s. which is the most popular option it will be mainly for shooting rabbits and pigeons. i`m also erring towards the FX range but am open to other suggestions so long as PCP. i appreciate there is a wealth of knowledge regarding all aspects but am only after the FAC Air. Cheers
  4. Fenstu

    Spider / Woodlouse

    It’s a house spider, eratigena sp.