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  1. Rob525

    Wireless thermostat

    Googles nest. Great bit of kit Or if your not after a smart stat look at deltadore kit 👍🏻
  2. I always use gamebore black gold 35g 5's throughout the season. I may look a reducing that for the start of this season after reading through this.
  3. Rob525

    garden shed

    Personally i would put a damp course in the block and use pressure treated tile batton to make a square/rectangle on the wall (going no lower than the dampcourse) then fix your horizontal or vertical batton in the middle of the square to essentialy make a kind of ladder. When you clad it, it will be sealed all the way arround to stop birds nesting and because its above the dpc the batton can go straight to the brickwork Just what i would do but there are other ways and probably better!
  4. Rob525

    Cheap 12g pump!

    Ill take your advice and do that now! Thanks
  5. Rob525

    Cheap 12g pump!

    I havent yet i thought i would throw a post up first and see what comes in. I really think this 'bosher' man needs a list of current guns up somewhere as his name gets thrown into every wanted post!
  6. Rob525

    Cheap 12g pump!

    Saw that. Bargain! Shame its in essex tho!
  7. Rob525

    Cheap 12g pump!

    Hello! Never had one, Quite fancy one! Im after a cheap section 2 pump. Nothing fancy. Something that cycles and fires, cheap being the word! If i get on with it then ill look at an upgrade! Sorry forgot to mention im in the north west i do get out abit tho
  8. The pic with the bars under is the same as the one above the opening was taken out an extra brick lentgh past the original opening ither side so that was to support the already solid internal featherings of the stack. Never give anything the oportunity to fall. It will never fall as bad as you think it might though as it will only drop from the widest point to a triangle above
  9. These are different jobs just some recent ones to give you an idea. you will have to go up another meter or so removing the clay lined pots as you go (i think you said it was clay lined!) Then when you drop the liner down you can bend it to the center or if its a bad angle still bend it over and stick a vitrous 45 on top of the straight lentgh above the lintle/ register plate so you cant see it. Make sure the flue never goes past the 45 degree though 👍🏻
  10. If some of your bricks arent key'd in above you can do something simular to this drilling some 1/2 inch bar into the back and supporting the front onto the lintel
  11. Would really recomend putting a stainless liner down your flue for performance and safty. Open fires throw loads of heat up the chimey pushing alot of soot out to top where stoves are alot more efficient and the flue will be alot cooler so the soot will be deposited in the morter lines and increase the risk of a chimney fire.
  12. You need to see if the bricks are key'd in to the walls further up if they are you can go up as high as you like providing you lintel the face bricks. Always need to lintel even if its just a steel plate. The last thing you want is your newly plasterd wall cracking when a brick drops from the heat of your burner
  13. Rob525

    Knife carry while shooting

    Some good feed back on the knives and sharpening. Thanks guys 👍🏻
  14. Rob525

    First shower

    Its raining! 😃😁
  15. Rob525

    First shower

    I cant wait for winter. Waking up to frost on the ground and cold fresh air! We really do need a couple of days heavy rain tho everywhere is dead to the sun!