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  1. Fantastic watch. Thanks for posting!
  2. This is first thing to check
  3. Yea similar but that will do thanks!!
  4. Not sure where this should be so if it needs moving mods please move it. A few years ago I has a christmas jumper, you know the stripy type in green blue and red with trees on etc. It also had a silhouette of a man shooting a pheasant on it in the middle. I loved it but cannot find it anywhere nor where I got it from! Does anyone have anything similar or know where I can get one from please. Google is turning up with nothing. Thanks
  5. Rob525


    Like everything theres good and bad sides of things! Met some great people on there 👍
  6. I took some of your advice thanks guys. Fried in salt pepper, olive oil and butter with a touch of garlic and soy to brown off for a minute. Then oven for 5 mins at 180 then off to rest. Served with a roast potatoes parsnip and carrots and pan fried asparagus. Topped with red wine and cranberry cooked sauce into the juices. 10/10! Thanks!
  7. Hi there, what's peoples favourite way to cook it?
  8. Thanks I'll stick a pic on later when I can shrink the size!
  9. A while back in August I put I a post in the wanted section for a complete carcase but with no joy. What I did get was some great advice that I'd like to thank you guys for! I did join the stalking directory and have met some great people through it! A local to me, seve who took me out a few times and showed me the ropes and nick and his son at Stanway estate in Gloucestershire who I have just returned back from after taking my first deer via a .243 on a frosty morning! It was a magical stalk with arround 6 miles of woodland walking seeing many species of birds and wildlife including roe and muntjac. Towards the end of the stalk the warm breath of a roe was clouding through the trees on an opposite bank arround 60yards away. Setting up on sticks and waiting for it to take a step forward to ensure a clean passage of the bullet through the trees for a clean kill seemed like it took forever! It was worth the wait as a gentle squeeze of the trigger dropped the beast dead in its tracks! I couldnt be happier! Shes now hanging in my shed waiting for me to take on my next task!
  10. Can you re do the link to thos please it doesn't work. Thanks
  11. It must be something good in the air arround here because we put 400 down on our ponds and have exellent shooting off them with some very testing birds. There is the odd lazy duck but let that go by and pick your shots!
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