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  1. Rob525

    12g Clay cartridge clearout.

    If not ill take them. Thanks
  2. Rob525

    Salt beef project

    Impessive! Ive just eatrn and now im starving! I will be doing this in the coming weeks when i get the ingredients. Thanks for sharing this!
  3. Rob525


    Hi where abouts south yourshire? Thanks
  4. Welcome! ...ditchman, youve spent far to much time thinking about that 😂
  5. Rob525

    Head tourch

    The tourch is very good for occasional use (a little flimsy) bright and batteries did not need changing and was used for a good few hours in total. It turns out one of the guids had the real deal and it was superior in build and performance
  6. Rob525

    New coat required, need advice

    Sealand marsh is a good jacket 👌🏻
  7. Rob525

    Alan Paine tweed breeks and waistcoat

    You have a pm... Ignore this. I will take these if the price is posted. Thanks Rob Ah **** you messaged as i was typing.
  8. Rob525

    Shooting shirts

    Philip morris has musto shirts 3 for 2. I find them the best fit and quality of all i have 👍🏻
  9. Rob525


    Im going to order the 10x1mm next week im off on the geese on friday so going to use my gamebore mamouth brass for it 👍🏻
  10. Rob525

    Shooting with the Guvnor

    Very moving post there is nothing better than a great farther son day/memory like that. I bet after all hes been through you were so chuffed when he asked to go out!
  11. Rob525

    pink numbers

    Ive thought the same
  12. Rob525

    Head tourch

    Yes mate will do. Hope it will be as i hear its very dark in the small islands or the orkneys with no light pollution!
  13. Rob525

    Head tourch

    Haha exellent! Hope its as good as the real thing!
  14. Rob525


    All fine here sorry. Hope you get sorted 👍🏻
  15. Rob525


    Think im going to go for the 10mm x 1mm neo magnets?