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  1. Still no call! I'm not sure if I'll get one to be honest after this amount of time
  2. I have the exact gun in question, really nice fitting/handling gun. It's done a few simulated driven clay days (team of guns and 3000odd clays) and some big bird driven day and I've never got 'sick' of it, sometimes I've been left with a bit of a red shoulder that evening but that's firing a hundred or so game carts in a day, all part of the fun (not if it hurts that is but if it fits it wont! I've shot heavier guns too and not felt any difference what so ever but its each to ther own. I say go for it! Also I'll add mine has a solid butt, a pad could be fitted if it became an issue
  3. I have a Samsung heat pump, can fill the tray or swap the pipe over and put into a drain, very efficient if your not in a rush!
  4. Hi, has anyone shot this clay line before? What did you think and do you have to pre book or just turn up? I've been the past couple of years to the show but never shot the clay line apart from to try out a new gun. Thanks
  5. Rob525


    I regularly drive the m40 and by oxford theres hundreds. Always increasing in numbers. What is there main diet? Surely its having a negative impact on something and going to need controlling at some point. Beautiful birds and it's a shame to have to say
  6. That wasn't really an option as they are very neatly and tightly fitted into custom concealed furniture and he expects to have them back "shortly".
  7. Still waiting for the call, I'll keep you updated in what they have to say! Thanks
  8. They actually fit ok! It was just if the FAO would be bothered. I'll ask him when he calls to book a date
  9. What has actually happened is a friend of mine is having issues with an ex girlfriend and has temporarily surrendered his license so at the drop of a hat I went to his and he signed his guns over to me, I have a 5 and a 3 gun cabinet but his guns have taken me over my capacity temporarily but they lock in and are safe. The FAO called me to confirm I had taken them and he is to have no access etc but commented on the cabinet size and the number of gun, I said I have fitted an extra cabinet since the last time they were out and they said they want to come and inspect this second cabinet. But when they arrive they will see there are a couple top and tailing!
  10. Can anyone see any issues with why the police would have an issue with me having 5 guns in a 3 gun cabinet? As they fit.. just. But it is still locked and safe? I have had a call from my FAO regarding this and they want to inspect my cabinet??
  11. I have the exact same gun and like I said I have maybe 2 clat carts (chedite28g7s) out of 100 catch. It's a case if pull the bolt back and push in with your finger takes 2 seconds. Annoying but it's only my mrs that uses it, it's my goose gun
  12. That would be the normal escort magnum cheapest new of these is £490 that I can see https://www.sportsmanguncentre.co.uk/hatsan-escort-supreme-max-wal-gls-12g
  13. I have one, good gun. Nice smooth action BUT the odd 70mm 28g glay cart will catch as it's about to chamber. I will have maybe 2 over 100 but mines mainly for 3inchers
  14. Rob525

    Plumbing help

    Agree with figgy take a 2 inch up even inch and half if that's all it allowes and maybe stick an anti siphon trap on the basin too 👍🏻
  15. Rob525

    Boiler help..

    The heating and hot water need to be OFF. Turn the boiler off, leave it 20mins and then check over the next 30mins Pretty sure the duo doesn't have a secondary so if it is it will be the main heat exchanger but being stainless I doubt it will be that. More likely the prv but you said it wasnt dripping outside?
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