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  1. They are trying, its more than most and they have my full support because of that
  2. Rob525

    Tweed set

    Very true but I have to draw a line somewhere! Looking at possibly a pair of brown leather army issue haix gortex
  3. Rob525

    Tweed set

    Yes garters sorry! 😂 Conflicting answers then. I'll have a look for a cheap ish set of boots. I do love my wellies
  4. Rob525

    Tweed set

    Managed it! Got a set of alan paine crombrook tweeds in forest green. Breeks waistcoat and cap for £194. Chuffed! Anyway, next question! This is my first set of breeks and I have a question on socks. I wear wellies... socks with gaiters or without? Do the tassels tuck in or go on top. Every gun I know that wears breeks wear boots.. Thanks
  5. That's a really good looking gun!
  6. Yes! Cairngorns a year in the wild! Good watch
  7. Anyone watch the BBC documentary o bbc4 that had whole sections on grouse shooting and deer stalking! Impressed bbc, didn't think you had it in you! And yes I have forgotten what it was called 😂😂
  8. Rob525

    Tragic Accident

    Idiot gives us a bad name. 100 percent preventable
  9. Rob525

    Tweed set

    Thanks, looks like I'll have to pay the full price at 370ish plus the coat rather than 200 in the sale!
  10. Rob525

    Tweed set

    I've just had a look at that looks nice but not sure on the hight of the mole skin shoulders. I've got it saved in the basket, thanks!
  11. I fancy a new tweed set for this season that wont break the bank. I like the alan paine rutland and combrook. It's on sale in lots of online places at half price (that's what's got me looking). Although I cannot find a full set in my size anywhere!!! Can anyone help with somewhere to look? Indipendants etc that maybe have an online store? Thanks
  12. Welcome, time to stop lurking and get active!
  13. Exellent thanks very much just what I'm after! Would be perfect If it was a little closer but it will give me something to do!
  14. I'm working in harrogate next week and wonderd if there are any local clay grounds that do a mid week evening? During summer one of my local clubs does an 8pm close mid week. Thanks
  15. Still no call! I'm not sure if I'll get one to be honest after this amount of time
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