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  1. Fantastic write up there looks an excellent opportunity for some one and I wish you all the best! One thing though.. is it me or is everyone left handed?!
  2. https://triggr.co.uk https://blackpoolsportingclays.co.uk http://www.crabtreeclayshoot.co.uk
  3. That makes sense... Thanks 😂
  4. Where's this sorry?
  5. Mine is above the above the skirting and above a switched fuse spur so about 300mm off the floor. I built a frame and boxed in below the base, filled the screw heads and painted. The feo opend the door to check bolt heads then proceeded to step up onto the edge jumping up and down trying to rip it off the wall! He failed and was happy!
  6. Good to hear, ill be doing the same in the next week or two apart from breckfast, ill have that at the hideaway cafe just off the motorway before crab tree on the right. It's spot on and got a good view 👍🏻👌🏻
  7. I'd have snapped that up if you wasnt so far away!
  8. This is a must. Many places may have a small selection but Its as gaurente most will not have the ones you want!
  9. I'm glad you confirmed that I was thinking I was risking looking very stupid asking this question! This is the add. 2nd paragraph from the end
  10. Hi guys, i used to do alot of air rifle hunting and would like to think I was very successful with it. For a long time now i have only had shotguns so may be out of touch with it... Anyway I have recently seen a forsale on here for a scope woth a 22lr rectical and it says something like to zero at 50yards use x12 or for metric use 10.5mag... So does the POI move with magnification?? Thanks
  11. Because knowledge is power..
  12. I have never seen this thread before and must say I am amazed but gutted the photos are no longer up!
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