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  1. I'm on the fylde coast and my polly greenhouse is no more but a shell after lastnight and looks like someone has took a strimmer to its contents!
  2. My pens stickers and bright orange hat came today!
  3. Ok.. in the opening scenes I saw some pigeon talk and a gun come out. I diddnt expect to warning shots and it go away 😂 sorry guys!
  4. Just a heads up, freeview c17 (really) theres a program called born mucky life on the farm, theres abit ok crop protection coming up soon if you fancy a watch
  5. I've had a samsung one for probably 3 years now... it does the job but doesn't half take it's time. Gave up using the settings on it and just stick everything on a timed 2.5 hour! All the settings if it thinks its dry it turns off and there was always something wrapped up that wasnt! Anything I dont want drinking doesn't go near it as it will still shrink things There is no rapid dry setting either as there is only a heat pump
  6. A photo of the job lot would really help
  7. Rob525


    Yea have done thanks no reply there yet
  8. Rob525


    Hopefully. I'll give it a little time here then message him if nothing. Thanks
  9. Rob525


    Hi guys I'm after a small bag of antlers for a liddm, random shapes and sizes but all smallish let me know what you have. Thanks
  10. 😂 thanks but it was a joke about the camp on the newspaper!
  11. I agree. The bokers a great knife I've had one for over a year now and it holds a very sharp edge
  12. Rob525

    Repairing render

    Yea that's k rend. If you dont want the letter box in I'd brick it up then stick the face plate back on it... might **** your postie off tho! Failing that use a white air vent cover
  13. Rob525

    Repairing render

    As above but I'd its k rend you've no chance!!
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