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  1. This is a good idea! Good luck with the search
  2. Exellent, sounds a good day and a cheap one at that! Hopefully good impressions were left and you can return year on year for it! When you find something good keep hold of it but dont forget to dip your toe in where ever you can!
  3. How annoying im driving past you today but my license is at home 140miles away!
  4. Rob525

    Remove walls

    Would need the upstairs floor plan too before anything could even be said really. It looks to me that where the double doors are that lead to the "conservatory" is the existing rear of the house with the cavity. If the conservatory and utility are single story it would be difficult to do as the roofline would interfere with the steels. The dining wall steel would have to load on the rear steel (that would have to be a double to take both courses) and on the other end may require a post or column building. Basically what I'm saying is it's not that easy! First you would need a set of drawings making and a visit from a structural engineer for load calculations and steel sizes before you go down the route of a building notice
  5. This is lenny and he is the best friend anybody could have! All be it a naff gundog 😂😂
  6. Alot of gun for the money, wood looks nice too. Good luck with the sale 👍 Not that he will ever see that!
  7. Just seen this, a few of us went too, for a small show it was very good, its improving with the years although it's the 1st dry day in past two years I've been 😂
  8. As has previously been mentioned its abit different with Clay's so swap your barrels/chokes so your shooting half first then quter, take the bird further out and if you miss use your more open choke to bring the bird down as they are now closer 👍
  9. Looks excellent that I'm hoping to get my first soon and hopefully it will turn out as good as yours!
  10. Rob525


    That's a great offer thanks very much I would love to take you up on that please await my PM! Sorry for the late reply I have been lost in the world of the stalking directory lately! Thanks again
  11. Rob525

    Streaming sites

    Show box app on phone, download on the net not app store then cast to smart tv, works flawlessly
  12. Very cheap good for someone that uses 28g+ carts
  13. Check the above, nothing above damp course etc. Chances are your cavity is full, remove a brick and get scooping out.
  14. Rob525


    Thanks, yes I private messaged them at the time with no response back.
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