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  1. I was going to say that but diddnt want to sound daft if it wasnt!
  2. In all honesty I can say I've been in Canada at -25 and in england -5 feels a dam site colder for some reason!!
  3. You look like you really enjoyed building that
  4. Stunning. Shame it's not a 12 or I'd be very tempted!
  5. Fantastic watch. Thanks for posting!
  6. This is first thing to check
  7. Yea similar but that will do thanks!!
  8. Not sure where this should be so if it needs moving mods please move it. A few years ago I has a christmas jumper, you know the stripy type in green blue and red with trees on etc. It also had a silhouette of a man shooting a pheasant on it in the middle. I loved it but cannot find it anywhere nor where I got it from! Does anyone have anything similar or know where I can get one from please. Google is turning up with nothing. Thanks
  9. Rob525


    Like everything theres good and bad sides of things! Met some great people on there 👍
  10. I took some of your advice thanks guys. Fried in salt pepper, olive oil and butter with a touch of garlic and soy to brown off for a minute. Then oven for 5 mins at 180 then off to rest. Served with a roast potatoes parsnip and carrots and pan fried asparagus. Topped with red wine and cranberry cooked sauce into the juices. 10/10! Thanks!
  11. Hi there, what's peoples favourite way to cook it?
  12. Thanks I'll stick a pic on later when I can shrink the size!
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