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  1. Condition looks good but I would say only the combination square set, angle blocks and what may be a bore micrometer are worth anything really. With the box you may be in the 150 ball park for the right person but worth comparing with ebay prices.
  2. Like people say most of these tools only go for a few pounds each unless they are a bit rare. The other thing to think about is condition. Precision tools that are not in top condition are no longer precision tools and therefore worthless. I would be interested in looking what you have, mainly as I do like these old things. Box depends on quality and condition. A good quality hardwood box in good condition can be worth quite a bit.
  3. I sent my photo card in for renewal in July and I'm still waiting to get anything back so good luck! The phone lines are constantly engaged so good luck with any enquiries.
  4. No because I am happy with 75 - 100 bird days. You are talking about the cost of the tip on these days, does the keepers tip make these days unaffordable for the average person? You can either afford what you want to do or you to do or you can't. Then you have to look at options. A) shoot less birds. B) shoot closer birds. C) home load your own steel beyond CIP. Standard steel is good for 35 yards. On my admittedly bad syndicate some people think a 20 yard pheasant is out of range. Are you really shooting 40+ yard pheasants on a regular basis and could you still have a good day shooting within that?
  5. You are free to do your own research but there are plenty of journal articles to back that up. Here is the top of the search list and quite a reasonable read. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4961898/ I'm not sure quite why we are disputing well understood scientific understanding in this way. Is lead good for shot/ammunition - yes. Is it toxic - yes. Is society going to ask us to find an alternative - probably. Are there alternatives that work - yes some are better than lead and some are not quite as good... yet. You need to choose that alternative based on what you will be doing. Average syndicate pheasant 20 yards, steel is more than adequate. High pheasants, then tungsten or bismuth. The cost is insignificant compared to the cost of the day. The move by BASC is in the knowledge that this is likely to happen and therefore stimulate the industry to make better options before we are forced down that route. Just look how much more innovation there has been in biowads in the last year. Industry are lazy and will not do anything unless they are pushed.
  6. Mate... seriously.... its is being banned because of those things. I don't think you can use an example of how long you delay things as evidence it isn't true. Lead is a toxic heavy metal that has cumulative effect in humans and other animals. Interestingly even small amounts are thought to have neurological effects, especially in children. How much or how likely you are to ingest it from game meat is hard to say but I would say its not hard to eat the odd pellet here and there. Regarding the above mentioned research a 3 or 4 times safety margin doesn't seem unreasonable when looking for health effects.
  7. I think its time we all just get with the programme. The transition is happening. It's not really a DEFRA thing anyway it's a societal shift that we just have to accept. The accociations made a voluntary 5 year transition statement which, based on events, was probably the right thing to do but a bit late. The biggest impact is that by the game dealers accocisation anyway and they have the right to reflect the desires of their customers. Then you have the HSE working up UK REACH. The writing is on the wall and there are alternatives which are OK now and will probably get better. Lead is toxic, ask the Romans. I don't have a major issue eating lead shot game meat but I would prefer if it wasn't there. Then there are the wildlife impacts and the environmental impacts of scattering lead across the countryside. In terms of production, this is the time for innovation, something the West is supposedly best at so I see this as an opportunity with the right mindset.
  8. Could be either way. There may have been damage that want obvious. Mate of mine was in a similar but probably slightly worse shunt. Let it go on the roadside not seeing any damage but found out when he got to work his boot wouldn't open properly. Best to do it through insurance so any funny business is likely to be shaken out.
  9. I have a clear view pioneer 400 in my current place and its great and so do many friends and family. I'm looking to move and the new place has something else in there. First job will be getting a clear view in.
  10. He admitted he did what they said he did. That doesn't necessarily mean it was assault, but may have been. I could have gone to court and then been thrown out for all manner of reasons and then they would definately have to have given his ticket back regardless. It all comes down to the facts of what happened which we don't know. What I do know is some people are bad at their jobs and some people are over worked and forget to send an email on a Friday afternoon. I would like to see the facts rather than a media article before I decide if a significant punishment such as dismissal through gross misconduct is fair. You have no idea on the background of the people involved and I dare say losing your job, reputation and pension benefits would be life changing for most people.
  11. bigroomboy


    I highly doubt it. Poland has received huge benefit from being in the EU. Maybe it's just a move to moderate the degree of influence but at least they can still get fuel.
  12. If this was a case of completely failing to do the basics of their job then fair enough. I just hope for those involved this isn't a witch hunt to protect the senior officers by ruining the lives of some low paid civilian staff. You have to remember the licencing system is about managing risk not eliminating it. By giving people access to firearms there will be tragic events like this at some point, it's just a matter of how often. I'm sure we have all seen posts on sites like this where people can't understand not being granted a licence due to previous transgressions or health issues. Should this be a permanent ban or assessed like these people did? I'm just glad I don't have to make those decisions and risk mine and my families livelihood for somebody else's hobby.
  13. Is your phone in a case with a magnetic closure?
  14. Just to add to this its also about mass/shot size. Hence why larger shot sizes are generally HP. Pressure for steel proof and CIP S are the same but steep proof considered the energy of the pellet as it goes through the choke restriction.
  15. So I'm a relatively new dog trainer but heel is one thing I've been successful with. You need to stop walking him on the lead ASAP. No one rule. Never let him pull against the lead, ever. Work on it in the garden and no where else for the next few weeks. When that is going perfectly start going a few yards outside. Second rule, you are not going anywhere. Its just training 1 stride sit. Increase the steps before sit as it goes well. You must make an effective correction if he ever pulls. If you are correcting a lot then you correction is not being effective. 1 proper correction is much better then them choking on the lead all their life or constantly getting ineffective corrections. I hope that helps, you must be patient and never ever let him pull against the lead.
  16. I would say that's a failing of the community not young people. They don't know any different than they have for generations, the shooting community just needs to be more open and engaging with them. Bring in more young adults that are likely to have young families. Don't be so old, grumpy and sarcastic. Teach them how to stay warm and dry. Teach them land management, rearing, beating and shooting skills. Give them the benefits ie shooting early rather than the you have to earn it first mentality. Maybe the young today have more options open to them and therefore a shorter attention span. Ultimately though its the responsibility of the existing community to engage them.
  17. Really looking forward to them again. What was the summary of the last season following the last update?
  18. Thanks thats good background.
  19. I think what you had there was a run away chemical reaction. With that much glue in one go and mane on eof the rapid types? The hotter it gets the faster the reaction so it starts to run away on you. The smoke was probably just the glue fumes getting extreme from the heat. You always get some fumes from super glue hence the fingerprint trick.
  20. As nasty as that sounds, it also sounds like a chain message type thing. Be very careful what sources like this may be asking you to do based on an emotional response.
  21. To some extent the cost is the cost. Running a clay ground costs money, much more than a box of clays etc and cartridges cost an amount to make etc. Having said that it would be nice to see more clubs offering reduced rates for youngsters and students. This would have to be covered by adult prices but I think most people would be happy with that. I also think that more effort should be made to provide children who come through beating with training and access on beaters days or even dedicated young beaters days with coaches. I'm sure many keen children have been put off after beening excited for their first beaters day only to lose interest after not hitting anything because they are not getting proper training.
  22. TGS on YouTube recently did some video which may give you insight into what he may offer. By the looks of it he has no problems hitting things.
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    I think they got it about right. Merc didn't exactly get everything right to have a winning weekend either to overall they should come out ahead at the next race.
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