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  1. My Cyclone has the dedicated 8 shot self indexing one You can fit the optional mag on the Solo but have to index it yourself I’ve not bothered mine is single shot and very accurate Think yours is the updated version of my Solo anyway enjoy and safe shooting 👍👍
  2. Here’s hoping bud 👍
  3. I had the same standard reply Probably the same one 999 other airgun sellers/buyers received when we enquired what the hell was going on Freeads good luck me thinks you are now doomed 👎
  4. Parcelforce 48 never had any problems with this service Bought a rifle off the AGF seller sent it 48 and it arrived the next day Good Service
  5. I’ve got a Logun Solo and FX Cyclone mine are .22 and .177 respectively I get a few less shots with the Cyclone being .177
  6. That’s good news as We don’t buy wood saw it up myself and log it up Friend has woodland and the weather we have just experienced has kept me busy chopping it up from fallen trees 🌲
  7. Great timing We have just installed a wood burner with back boiler to run all our heating and hot water
  8. It’s my ex Mrs maiden name spelled backwards Rellum
  9. rellum


    4 pages about this on our AGF Forum Shame But that’s how it is The few bad ones ruin it for the many good sellers I quite liked freeads bought quite a few bits and bobs off there
  10. Think The Gypsy King will win overwhelmingly this time
  11. My Ex Mrs maiden name spelled backwards
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