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  1. Thanks for all advice, I like the idea of a 26 inch barrel for hide shooting, there seems to be lots of different variations of the Hatsan Escort, I have decided on a Camo version but on the web sites there are a few different choices I’m not sure of all the differences can any one help?
  2. Thanks for all your tips and advice, as a separate question I am considering getting a Hatsan escort semi auto just for rough pigeon shooting not everyone’s cup of tea I know! I like the black synthetic & the Camo one is there any benefit from the Camo one for in the hide? I think it’s about £50 more is it worth it? thanks for any reply’s.
  3. Thanks for your advice Motty, thats why in my question I wandered if some types of decoys are any better than others, just trying to give myself the best chance of getting them to drop down, watched the flight line last night after work again and they are moving in both directions in small groups of 5-10. I have watched this line for 2 weeks now so I know they are there it’s just getting them down on my field!
  4. Thanks for all your advice, I haven’t got any permission with crops that they want to feed on yet so was hoping somehow to try and attract them down off there flightline. Maybe im trying the impossible!
  5. Thanks for your reply, I have spend about 20min every day watching the pigeons flightline for the last week all at different times of the day and they are constantly flying to and from trees I just can’t seem to get them to drop down they show a slight interest but swerve off at the last minute.
  6. Just found the forum and registered. My friend & I have been shooting clay targets for just over a year now & have decided to have a go at some pigeons. We shot on some chopped up cover last week and got 21 Corvids in 2 hours was well pleased! The flight line of pigeons is about 50 yrds from our field they are constantly flying all the time we were there. We tried a magnet and have 10 half shell pigeon decoys but we couldn’t get them to come down. Have jack pike Camo netting we checked we couldn’t be seen through it. Am looking for any tips of how to draw them in? Different decoys maybe or something else? thanks for reading and any info you could help us with.
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