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  1. Rous I believe was an ironmonger. The firm sold cartridges under the name "Pheasant" (post 1925).
  2. The Setter cases were not made by Steve Smith, The Setter is made by Bagnal & Kirkwood of Newcastle, previously known as W R Pape.
  3. My mate collects the same, nothing but Winchester, must be enough out there for him to bother. I am nearly sure I still have full boxes of patriots somewhere.

  4. cant see any direct replacement sizes but will keep watching, thank you.
  5. I am after a variety of sizes of the old wad punches to reload my empties in my cartridge collection. sizes from .410 upover.
  6. Have you got one of these?

    rosson box.JPG

  7. My Favourite Box. Always looking for more from this era.
  8. I am looking for old collectors cartridges. In paper or brass preferably with roll turnovers. Live or fired.single or whole collections. UK & Commonwealth only. Especially from North east England. I also collect primer tins, powder tins, air gun pellet tins, cartridge boxes, wad boxes, Gun case labels. reloading tools, gun reference books. Chris
  9. LOL never noticed that shot size before, yes, not what you want to hit you on the ear lobe on a frosty morning.
  10. I have the top one although I have heard theres more than one version of it, I dont have the bottom one, looks really good.
  11. yes, would have thought with technological advances, some improvement would have been made.
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