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  1. ive owned a hatson it wouldnt cycle the lighter cartidges, even after changing the o ring
  2. whats the best semi-auto to buy for clays, my budget is 400 pounds. thanks
  3. I've got a hatsan escort semi auto shotgun, it will cycle cartridges (30g) and heavier but when it comes to the 28g and lighter it won't cycle properly . has anyone had the same problem?
  4. Have you got any more picture please ?
  5. Newport South Wales, looking to spend around 300 pounds
  6. Hi, looking for a over and under shotgun, don’t really want to spend to much on it , mainly going to use it for rough shooting, any Suggestions would great
  7. What’s are the best decoys to purchase ? Are turbo decoys and bouncers any good?
  8. Hi , I’m looking for permission to do some decoying and rough shooting, i live in Newport South Wales, anything about ?
  9. im in newport south wales, okay thank you very much i will have a look into that im in newport south wales, okay thank you very much i will have a look into that
  10. hi, what cartidges are best for rough and pigeon shooting ?
  11. i had a pair of howard light impact sport earmuffs , i found with them they wouldn't cancel the sound out when i fired the gun.
  12. hi im looking into buying some earmuffs for clay shooting, what are the best pair to buy?
  13. thank you whats the best cartidges to use for pigeon shooting ?
  14. hi, im new to decoying and rough shooting, i would like to gain some more in the field, any tips would be grateful
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