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    Grey squirrel Pest control enjoy pigeon shooting, enjoy the shooting club with the lads and clay pigeon shooting, driving and camping with the family and friends

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  1. Will doWill do Nice looking forward to testing it out Ive got a spinner to with 2 flocked decoys on
  2. Ill be looking forward to trying a new toy out on Friday Electric Pigeon flapper The mrs got me it for my birthday nice
  3. Yes I gathered that they wouldn't allow shooting I wonder why there is nothing in place to catch them with traps at Go ape Grizedale Centre the people who work there say they always see grey squirrels I said how long have you seen Grey squirrels here they said every yeah.
  4. Hi lads Im wondering who Controls Grey squirrels in the Lake District Grizedale Forest I was cycling on the red Trail. near the end of my cycle trial there was a tree coughed out into a bench looking over at hawkshead and I seen 3 grey squirrels whilst having a break I could not believe it ? if I had my gun they would not be alive now. I asked a couple of questions about the grey squirrels at the cycling centre they said they have seen a couple of them around go ape. I was just wondering if there was anyone controlling them in that are I visit Grizedale couple of times throughout the summer seasons and Im wondering if they need any help controlling them if I can. Thanks jay
  5. ?? only got one night off work this week going to get out in the morning for a walk about check the feeder maybe try a bit of night shooting on the rats.
  6. looking good for me tomorrow ?
  7. I managed to get one the other day I'm going for another walk about in the morning
  8. That's what you want mate keep them coming they sense trails from other squirrels as long as you keep on top of your feeders you are doing a great job, that's what I think myself sometimes where are they coming from they are coming from the outskirts where you are not shooting that's what we want one of the places I go to you may not see them for awhile then all of a sudden they come back that's what we want.
  9. Out in the hide in the morning there has been a couple of grey squirrels on my feeder hoping they retain on the feeder tomorrow weather looks nice so should be good ?
  10. That's good let me know how you get on ?
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