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  1. They are private allotments well oot the way of buildings. Bisley Long range gold were recommended and they seem sound.
  2. 50 years since i last had an air rifle,bought an Airsporter off a old lad locally,4x32 ASI tele am getting 5 in a inch at 15 yards, is this good for a 40 year old gun,i know PCP shoot much better,but am planning on killing pigeons on Allotment and this will do me.
  3. When ww2 rationing was in full swing, a friend of mine father had a little business going,with local house wives,all skinned and ready to cook,Sea geese(Cormorant),Sea hens(herring gulls)and if available Sea turkeys(gannets)sold no bother,but had to be steeped in clean water over night before cooking. Home guard 12b cartridges in abundance once plenty of rifles came available,and a beach patrol line in Northumberland.
  4. The big red fence should stop them flying off.
  5. A bit of everything pheasants,partridge duck,walked up and beating,the brits can be sticky on point and only flush when your right on top of them,the GWP's and Slovaks a lot easier to handle and steadier,the brit in my opinion is a little setter as it flies over the ground and takes a very staunch point,oi has the advantage of being agood rabbit dog ,some pointers do not work them . Love them but if you are thinking of getting remember hard work and you must be boss and consistent , not a good first dog !
  6. Had 2 brits ower the years ,cracking hunters,fantastic noses ,you must get recall into them hard as a puppy as they are headstrong and self willed and tend to know how to work you,,enjoyed both mine but can be hard work,first bitch 94-07 a great water dog she loved it, even the sea in winter.used to swim around duck lake rather than try to flush them from the side Picture of gundogs in their natural environment,Brittany and Slovakian rough haired
  7. Any sockets or switches or radiator in the line of placement,if not you should be ok,would expect a modern detector to differentiate even through foil backing.
  8. Carry key and spare plugsl letit idle before hoofing off from cold,learn the amount of choke needed for different situations and temps(learn the bikes feel)clear the clutch before starting.Aalways remember oil and petrol sharp stop on neat petrol.
  9. Had a good tettie year in Northumberland,Lady Chrystal,1st earlies,Wilja 2nds and Desiree main crop,maybe best ever returns,but all proper seed tetties,3x 25 kg desiree in store hopefully should last aal winter.
  10. An old quote from the construction industry,WORK RIGHT HARD AND DEE YOUR BEST BUT YOUR DOON THE ROAD WITH AAL THE REST
  11. Some dogs can be sensitive to nettles and contact may cause them to chew feet for a couple of days,stand dog in fairly het wata ( nought near hot).
  12. 2 of my uncles members of the Northumberland Fusiliers were captured in Singapore and they survived the railway and ended up in Japan in a copper mine,both said the A bomb was what saved them they would not have lived another year in conditions and rations,came home and never really lauded because they had been POW's.both had been in the expeditionary force and Dunkirk,could not believe how bad the high level command decisions had been in the far east debacle.Left them both quite bitter and with medical problems that they had the rest of their lives.
  13. Dog stolen over night on Tyneside found luckily the next morning at the Dublin ferry port in a van load of stolen dogs,members of the travelling community responsible ,dogs from many areas of uk ,organised and gathered to one vehicle at a pre-arranged point.police not bothered .
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