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  1. Cheers. Just had a look at it and tried running 4mm Allen key down it. Tighter at bottom like flyboy suggested. I had an aftermarket barrel band for the front which I’ve just added a strip of tape too on the inner side to give it a few thou extra lift between the barrel and air reserve. Better than it was. Think I’ll upgrade to a different model. Want the confidence of shot on shot before I try my pests. Last gun was a stoeger gasram springer and that would put each shot almost on top of the last, so this was A disappointment in comparison.
  2. Thank you. I’ll have a look at this closer before I spend more money on it.
  3. Had a 177 pr900w for a few years. Only used a handful of times. Prob less than 300 pellets through it. have a decent hawke scope. seems to be a problem with it being accurate shot after shot. bought it originally for pest control but as it’s not accurate shot after shot ive not wanted to use it. wondering if I should strip it and replace seals and fit a regulator, rebuild from scratch and then zero, or ditch it and get new pcp? any suggestions or recommendations appreciated. cheers
  4. looking good. might need to pick me up a souvenier. would be a shame to get fish guts over one of those though.
  5. thats what i though. not particulary attached to it, but didn't want the hassle of dealing with a security person, even though it would deep in my roofbox with the rest of the fishing kit. i'll give it a miss and just take the little one, and will take (buy) a kitchen knife to the beach when i get there. its just easier to clean them with a bigger knife - thats the only reason for thinking of taking it.
  6. Quick question about knife laws. i've historically kept a 4.25" hunting knife at the bottom of my fishing tackle box for dealing with preparing with mackerel when fishing. i also have a small 2" lock knife for other small jobs. i'm about to go to france in 2 weeks and wondered what the score was. will be fishing on the west coast. will i get into trouble if its found, or as its a tool for use in hunting/fishing, will that fit the exemption? it would stay in the tackle box until needed. am i best just to take the small knife and take a kitchen knife from the french house to the
  7. you too. last thing i want to do is give them constant noise popping off pigeons, and it either upsets them, or worse, they report me to the police. don't want to risk that due to having the SGC's. i'm hopeful of being able to rent our local scout hut for a couple of hours a month to use their 1 acre site to do a bit of target practice. they use their 177's in the hut over 7 meters. i fancy taking my backstop and setting up a 20/30 meter range. i'm on the committee, so hopefully they'll waive it through....
  8. i'd have liked to fired a few more, but the neighbours have had builders in 7 days a week and whilst i use a few sandbags as a backstop, i didn't want to risk any incidents with them on scaffolding only 10 yards away. it was a Hawke Vantage+3-9x40AO. i've been careful on when i use it. its a quiet gun - i shoot from a kitchen window so its sounds louder to me, but i'd be interested to know how loud it is outside from 5-10 yards, so i might need to get an app on the phone to see. then might need to find that chap who sells the moderators.
  9. cheers bruno11rf. i'll have a look for a set of those reach forward mounts. it just feels like the stock is a bit on the short side, so my head feels a bit too close to the scope to get a good view when stock is up to shoulder. i suppose i could get one of those butt extender things. i've just pushed the scope as far forward as it will go, so i'll see how that goes. indeed - gun does not pretend to be a £400/500 gun, but does the job i needed it for, so for the price i'm happy with it. ps - the groupings were from around 11 yards away - not a massive distance, but its where my pigeon
  10. rifle is working well. as i have only been shooting in my garden, i've limited it to 6 shots at a time just for noise.took me 20 or shots to get my scope aligned - i ended up buying a new Hawke from Wilts Rod & Gun. Its now dialed in nicely, and i've just shot a round of 5 with all shows within a 10p piece. i've used the pump twice. i think i'm getting around 30 shots before the pressure drops from 20 bar down to around 13 bar when i then refilled. pump performs well and does the job. my only thoughts on the rifle.. my scope is mounted as far forward as it will go on t
  11. @oldypigeonpopper - thanks for your previous advice pump and suggestion to look at the gun. the pump does the job okay. i was bidding on a few BSA/Walther brand ones on ebay, but they ended up at over £80, and as previously mentioned i'm on a budget, so happy that the £40 pump is working. Its got a 2 year warranty, so if it breaks, i'll try (if the chinese seller still exists) to get a repair/replacement - but ultimately it gets the gun to 20 bar. i got the pump for £40 delivered, the adaptor with additional quick release for £15 (which i endedup not needing as there was one in the S
  12. don't get me wrong - i'd like to be able to spend £400+ on a PCP, but that ain't going to happen - the wife tightly controls my shooting budget. if i could have found another brand pcp for £180 i'd have bought it. i needed something quieter in my garden than a shotguns for pest control; wanted a fixed barrel as i was convienced my last breakbarrel didn't align properly, didn't want CO2, as it might sit unused for 3 months, and the 9 shot magazine was a bonus. the under barrel guns i came across were at least the same price or more than this. my search over the past couple of months indica
  13. each to their own. most of the reviews i read were very complimentary. why would i spend 2-3 x as much on a gun which might only had 5 shots a month for vermin and maybe 50 shots every few months for target practice?
  14. SMK PR900W 177 picked up from Bozard's yesterday. there was a slight delay in delivery as SMK were awaiting a shipment of the 177's. he said he was impressed with it for the price considering its 1/3 of the big name ones. i'm impressed with the quality. The stock is a bit smelly - either from the oil on the wood, or from manufacturing. just need to get some time to dial the scope in, and will then arrange to make contact with the chap on here who does the 3D printed moderators - although its not particular noisy, as i'll be plinking in the garden just want to ensure its as quiet as possi
  15. will do. theres an AGM next week too so might try and get along to that as might have a chance to ask a few questions. in the meantime i'm building a frame to net most of my produce so hopefully that keep them at bay for the moment.
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