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  1. I like to ask them what dept they work for as I work for BT. Brilliant I work for that dept what's your name again. Oh theyve gone Or I'm sorry this is not my house I've just broken in. Funny enough it delivers the same outcome
  2. The midge is a horrible wee beastie that can totally ruin any outdoors activities. I've tried a few repellents in my time. It used to be Avons skin so soft that was top of the list when I was stalking. Then I got hold of some smidge while camping at Mallaig and it really works well. The West coast up here is brutal for them. The east is a bit better but no matter where you go they'll have you running for cover. They are bas%$@ds
  3. Wing it

    New kitchen ???.

    I got a Howdens one and couldn't fault them and also haggled on the price. Also if you can be bothered sell the old one on gumtree. There are always landlords looking for cheap kitchen units for flats etc. I sold mine for 250 and the guy picked it up ?Extra money for some new shooting kit
  4. Wing it


    Nice one hadn't even thought of there
  5. Wing it


    Cheers guys I'll be doing a bit of everything. Clay, pigeon,duck and whatever else if the opportunity presents itself Andy
  6. Hello watchers I'm just starting out. Got my license and gun I'm now looking for some suitable clothing. I'm on a bit of a budget I'm looking for opinions on some of your experience with your own kit. I'm looking at waterproof trousers and jacket ( with lots of pockets ) and some windproof fleece's gillets etc . I've got a pair of Altberg boots which are first class but what about wellies. Any assistance and advice would be great recieved Cheers Andy
  7. I had the same issue with Royal Mail when I ordered 750ml of shotgun spray oil. According to they're scanner the parcel was delivered despite the wife and kids being in no sign of any parcel. The normal postie remembers sorting it for delivery but the new guy doesn't remember anything. After several phone calls and emails the upshot of their investigation was that it was delivered. So I guess my family are lying. Fortunately the company sent me another gratis. Is there any decent couriers out there
  8. I read this and my face started bleeding again ??
  9. I bought a DE razor and the company sent me a free cut throat razor. Yeh free stuff says I, result. After a while I plucked up the courage to try it. So first I had a gentle practice to get the movement right. No probs here I thought how hard can this be. Got soaped up ready to go bloody thing touched my cheek and the soap turned red. Ended up with a slight scar on my cheek. Bathroom looked like a massacre had taken place and it got binned .Nnever again what a total tool
  10. Got to agree on that. A friend of mine got me into using the saftey razors a lot cheaper in the long run. It's also a closer shave. A bit nerve racking till you get the hang of it and it's the Futur I use as well
  11. I totally agree with you. I know my taxes pay for theses things and unfortunately I can't pick and choose how my taxes are spent. The cock and bull that politicians spout is farcical. They play to the snowflake society and who ever will believe them. I don't think for a minute that the increase will make any difference folk will still drink It's just increasing my blood pressure I may just might declare ma house an independent state and apply for foreign aid and have a **** up with it ?
  12. As I said Scully I'll gladly pay my taxes to assist with the treatment of someone's illness not addictions You say it's nothing to do with the Scottish drinking culture so why was it introduced then.
  13. The way I see Scilly obviously my opinions. Due to the medical conditions which are brought on by others addiction to alcohol the government have decided the best way to prevent others from requiring treatment and possible their death is to bump up the price of alcohol. Thankfully I'm not addicted to alcohol in fact because of my limited weekends off and shifts I don't drink that much. My beef is that when I do decide to its costing me more money to partake in some fire water
  14. Your quite right nobody does but then no one holds them down and pours it down there throat People drink for different reasons I get that but ultimately they can still say no. Its they're choice but why should I have to pay.
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