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  1. Ive got one black synthetic tho lovely gun no problems so far only had it 6 months tho
  2. This is mia a source of many headaches to come
  3. Thanks and will do ? Already done and gone
  4. Cheers have put a deposit down on a sprocker this afternoon my work starts at the end of the month Would like to thank everyone for the advice i decided on a springer or sprocker put a deposit down on a sprocker bitch this afternoon a lot to do with the shoot i have dykes ect plus my rough shoot is one man and his dog my work starts at the end of August im sure it will be challenging and hopefully rewarding thanks again
  5. Cheers looks like ive started ww3 on here relised before i posted id be opening a can of worms just trying to avoid the obvious or not so obvious pitfalls springer or sprocker (spaniel) for me would be the logical choice ?
  6. A lot of sound knowledge makes sense to get the dog that is best for what i want it to do instead of getting a square peg for a round hole lovely lookin lab pups by the way
  7. Sound advice thanks i will have been pigeon shooting twice this week and for most of the year whereas game season only bout 4 months long food for thought
  8. Ha ha he looks like butter wouldn't melt
  9. Cheers will do will be a lot of time and effort whichever breed I get That makes sense cant see what hurting the dog achieves apart from venting you're own frustrations from your own failures cheers for the advice
  10. Cheers for the advice a friend recommended a sprocker apparently less nuts than a springer
  11. Hahaha ive looked at the gsp and the korthals Griffon the latter pretty rare i also thought about the sprocker thanks for the input
  12. Im currently looking for a new dog and to be honest im struggling making a decision as in which type i rough shoot and pigeon shoot so looking for an all rounder i suppose i currently have an elderly border terrier so im also a novice at gun dog training any suggestions of breeds and advice would be appreciated thanks in advance
  13. Have the same problems round here mostly for the deer tho drove a 4x4 through a gate killed a sheep apparently did several farms before the police caught up with them an illegal firearm as well just shooting and leaving
  14. Will give it a go relatively new to pigeon shooting with a shotgun theres a lot of tackle about easy to spend a fortune think bouncers finish the pattern off just some teething issues thanks
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