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  1. Would you be willing to sell the 2point rest separately?
  2. Plus one for the good years! Bought a pair of the neoprene lined ones a couple of years ago and put them through their paces over flint, mud, snow and brambles and they have never skipped a beat. Plus the grip has never let me down. Great value
  3. Good going! Sounds a bit challenging, but you got the best outcome
  4. Although the baboon hunt with a crossbow seemed a tad tamer than yours!
  5. Happy to report that they have improved greatly,, although for me it was a FAC grant. All in, the process has taken under 4months, and the FAC has been granted on open condition for 22rf, 223rem and 270win. To put it in perspective, I waited 18months for a SGC grant before they combined with Devon and Cornwall.
  6. Would a neoprene scope cover work?
  7. Gemsbok

    Fox club

    Had an absolutely cracking visit to Grants. He was an absolute gent and a very gracious host. Couldnt have asked for a better introduction to the sport here in the UK. That first fox really had my heart rate going, swinging from one to the next then back to the first. I'm glad Grant and Ed trusted me to keep my cool, because those foxes were really taunting us by sitting in spots with no safe backstop. Considering I had only met them a few hours beforehand I would not have begrudged them taking the rifle out of my hands! Luckily fox no.1 pushed his luck just a bit too far and wandered into safe shooting terrain. A good shout from Ed and we had him belly up in the grass. Only issue is that now I've tested the waters with Grant's night vision kit I'm going to be trying to convince the Mrs to let me spend some money!
  8. Hi all, I’m a mature student and work part-time in a local hospital. With most weekends free, I would love to take part in some beating or shoot maintenance if any help is required. I’m a member of BASC and an avid clay shooter, hoping to get into the game side of the sport eventually.
  9. Thanks all! While I would love to do some beating it’s unfortunately not practical with my university course. I’m starting my final year of a medical degree. Although once that’s all done I’ll be calling any local syndicates looking for beating, then hopefully join something myself once the first few paychecks clear
  10. Had a recommendation to check this site out and it’s a treasure-trove!! Great advice and friendly people, what more can you want? (Apart from a matched pair of purdeys...) Currently on the hunt for permissions, which is a bit difficult as I am at uni elsewhere so can’t be consistent. Fingers crossed! Shooting a Laurona black Action o/u in 12bore
  11. Another vote for Avon skin so soft. Best midget repellent!
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