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  1. berthaboo

    Yildiz 20 gauge

    Do you still have this for sale ? Any movement on the price ? Can collect as local.
  2. berthaboo

    Hob ferret

    Are you about today / tomorrow so i can drop her off ?
  3. berthaboo

    Hob ferret

    Where are you based ?
  4. berthaboo

    Hob ferret

    Has anyone local to Ilkeston Derby got a hob ferret they would be willing to use to cover my jill ? Shes ready now.
  5. berthaboo

    Handheld Thermal Imaging

    I think with the correct weather conditions pulsar claim 1350m. Its further than you will shoot thats for sure...I use one for fox shooting....its a real eye opener and game changer.
  6. berthaboo

    Baikal 16 gauge

  7. berthaboo

    What's your dog called and why

    The spaniel as my profile pic was called Bertha after big bertha the super gun. I carried this theme on to my next dog a german shorthaired pointer and her Luger after the pistol. Now I have a new puppy thats a German wirehaired pointer and he is called Claude after Claude green grass due to him having wire hair and looking scuffy.
  8. berthaboo

    Baikal 16 gauge

    Baikal It cost about £25 to send to a RFD so not worth it but ill keep you in mind.
  9. berthaboo

    Baikal 16 gauge

    Also up for swaps
  10. berthaboo

    Clear out

  11. berthaboo

    22 cal 224 60g vmax

    Just 47 left now....full box has gone.
  12. berthaboo

    22 cal 224 60g vmax

    I have one full box and one box with 47 left in the box left over from load development. £25 collected from Derby.
  13. berthaboo

    Clear out

    Any offers before it goes on the bay.
  14. berthaboo

    Clear out

    Torch sold
  15. berthaboo

    Clear out

    fieldline bumbag to be added. main bag,two side pockets and another smaller from pocket....this has shoulder straps too ideal for throwing a couple of rabits in if walking the field £23 posted.