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  1. The first .50BMG rifle was built in1982 as a civilian target rifle. The first military user was Sweden in 1989. Here is the first ever .50BMG rifle being held by it's designer a Mr Ronnie Barrett.
  2. I spent a fair bit of time lurking in their armoury so you could say I was known to the Police
  3. When I used to live in Durham I dropped my renewal off at Ackley Heads on the Monday and had the new FAC through the letterbox on the Friday. Epic service.
  4. Our latest members email Many of you will have watched Parliament TV today, expecting to see the debate on the Offensive Weapons Bill, as today was the much anticipated Report Stage However the debate did not take place, which was somewhat unusual, as debates were timetabled up until 10:00pm, but ceased at 7:30pm. A statement on the Parliament website reads as follows: Remaining stages The remaining stages of this Bill have been postponed due to time pressures in the Chamber. They will be rescheduled in due course. The House will debate amendments, some of which would introduce offences for possessing corrosive substances on educational premises. Other amendments would remove the proposed ban on rifles over 13,600 joules at the muzzle but require tougher safety measures. The following article indicates that perhaps other factors were also at play. Please be aware that we will be submitting a formal complaint to the BBC about the following article, as it contains several glaring inaccuracies. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-45867682 What does this mean for us? Well, its possibly a glimmer of good news, at the very least it gives us a chance to contact those MPs who have still not signed Sir Geoffrey’s amendment and request their support. I have been advised that there are at least five pro-shooter MPs who have not yet signed this amendment, one of which is a rifle shooter! The more names, the better our chances. As it’s been delayed it is not too late for you to request the support of your MP (assuming their name is not already on the list below), if they need technical assistance in understanding any of the blatant propaganda sent out by the NCA to the Home Office (which has been relayed onto MPs) then let me know. There are many ridiculous myths being banded around, and we need to debunk them. The current list of signatories to Sir Geoffrey’s amendment are as follows: Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown [R] Mr Jonathan Djanogly [R] Mr Philip Hollobone Adam Holloway Mr Steve Baker Martin Vickers Sir David Amess Sir Henry Bellingham Sir Paul Beresford Sir Peter Bottomley Sir William Cash Chris Davies Richard Drax Mark Garnier Richard Graham Bill Grant Simon Hart Sir Oliver Heald Gordon Henderson Sir Bernard Jenkin Daniel Kawczynski Jeremy Lefroy Sir Edward Leigh Sir Oliver Letwin Mr Ian Liddell-Grainger Craig Mackinlay Sir Nicholas Soames Sir Robert Syms Ross Thomson Bill Wiggin Sammy Wilson Kate Hoey Douglas Ross It may look like we are making good progress, and hopefully we are, but it’s not time to rest just yet. If you or your MP has any queries or concerns, please let me know without delay. Many thanks & keep up the good work! Chris Stevenson Chairman, FCSA (UK) www.fcsa.co.uk
  5. You can get it down to approx £3 a round. There are moulds for .50BMG bullets but I'm not sure how well they work.
  6. Barrels seam to last for ever, it's a slow lump with cool powder. brass varies with the make, Igman seems to go on forever, just monitor the brass and chuck when looking ropey.
  7. Yes, however if you are pushing it to get the long ranges barrel life is approx 500 rounds, it also kicks the **** out of the brass so reloading is difficult. At £5 a round I could use a prophet.
  8. As I've just bought the tracer for next year's pigeon watch rifle weekend, perhaps you should.
  9. So when we still have our rifles are you going at accept me as your saviour?
  10. The ban has not gone through. An amendment keeping rifles above 10,000ft/lbs as section 1 with additional security was submitted by Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown on Wednesday. This will be discussed on Monday at the report stage. Grandfathering has never been an option. For more accurate information go to the FCSA Facebook page. Thanks Darren Secretary FCSA-UK
  11. Absolutely ******* it down now, along with loads of lightning, tempted to load some .50 tracer just in case.
  12. I will be bringing the club .50, I will also bring 5.56, 7.62 and 7.92. I will be there before 0900 on Saturday. Thanks The Bloke
  13. It's not the M6 by that point, it's the A74(M), if you come off the M6 at J17 your not going to have a good weekend.
  14. It's not the noise, it's the pressure wave from the muzzle brake that is on the far side of epic, you will feel it go straight through you.
  15. If you wish to try firing without the brake I'm happy to oblige, not sure where you would land though.:) It depends on the weather, if it is sunny we can move forwards, if not we would be using the covered firing points.
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