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  1. I apologize for bump an old topic... For what it is worth, I have standard Trijicon https://thetacticalscopes.com/best-combat-pistol-sights/ sights on my Glock 17 and Springfield TRP. Its what they came with. I shoot the Glock fine though do wish it would hit better at extended distances, though the other week when I shot an IDPA match with it over in Alabama with a friend of mine it didn't have much issue hitting any target though the groups weren't get, but on par with what everyone else was shooting with polymer guns, Glocks, M&Ps, XDs, ect. That said, I wouldn't mind a set of night sites with a slimmer front site on the glock. My TRP though I have never had much of an issue hitting with at all at whatever range I shot with it within reason. That said, its front sight post is slimmer then what is on my Glock along with a longer sight radius. I do have an older Beretta 92SB with just the standard U notch rear with a little white on it and a front post with a white dot that I have absolutely no issue hitting a target with, even pie plates at the 100-meter berm with pretty regular consistency when I last had it out there. For what it is worth, I personally don't like fiber optic sights for combat or defensive use. I have had them on other pistols and shotguns for competition and had the fiber optic part fall out on several occasions under less than hard use. Don't know if anyone has come up with a way to really hold them in tight. I've seen tritium inserts fall out too, but much less often with less effect to being able to effectively engage with the gun. I often look at Youtube for different videos on this topic, I will leave one here, maybe this will be useful to someone in the future.Good Luck.
  2. I got some pawz boots for my labrador who had a crack across one pad. They lasted about about one and a half drives, so not those, if that is any help.
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