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  1. Google or facebook Mere brow gundogs or tessley more gun dogs both base in preston.
  2. Local rfd was having a clear out managed to pick up 9 boxes of these! Could any of you more knowledgeable collectors possibly date them for me? My first old cartridge find and the start of my collection
  3. Save a search on Ebay sometimes you can grab a bargain on there when someone is giving the sport up.
  4. Would a £100 collected buy both slabs??
  5. Stephen-H


    100% get the permission build a good relationship up with the landowner propose the offer of offering the shooting out for sale & go from there. I would rather personally gain the permission myself gain a good relationship with the land owner keep them constantly in the loop of what you are doing and only offer it out to a couple or few people I knew very well & again still make it clear to the landowner who is on there land at any one time & what you are upto! Also a good note if a couple or few people are on a land you have permission on is to give the vehicle reg name & owner to the land holders or start a what's app group communicate is key! In my opinion it's always best for a land owner to constantly know who is on there land & what condition there land is at ( sending pictures ) always good to get a update when you have acres and acres of land & a 101 jobs to do.
  6. Thank you this has cleared it up rather well its yeoman!
  7. Didnt get chance to grab a picture but the action was rather plain with just AYA ARGUIRE Y ARANZABAL which I presume is the region of spain the factory was based? Thank you will check it out Thanks for the reply it's a non ejector model
  8. Hi everyone is there anyone able to help me I.d this aya side by side I've attached (hopefully) the images of the serial number & Mark's on the action & barrels. Cheers
  9. I would like to see Richard madden as bond think he has the look & talent for the role he was brillant in rocketman. There is also sam claffin to consider who plays Oswald mosley in the current peaky blinders series .
  10. I would ignore him it's a sub 1100 pound tired rotten van as you pointed out he was happy to pay you the full asking price so in my mind he was happy with the condition of it. He had a test drive & must of been happy how it ran mechanically just tell him to jog on . If you gave him any money back I'm fairly sure you would see it back on facebook marketplace for the same price you sold it & he would be making a quick buck after having use of it. Facebook marketplace is full of these chancers sadly
  11. Pop a add up on here it's free & you never know! Good luck I've two work Van's to sell & I'm dreading dealing with all the time wasters that come with it!
  12. I agree it's something I've spent a bit of time looking into as well I had muck boots they lasted nearly four years was very impressed yet others have said how bad the quality is. I then tried arait these lasted only 18months at best so I think now before the season kicks off I will finally try a pair of these aigle they do come highly recommended.
  13. I would say its pulling air into the fuel system rather then a airlock perhaps check the small squeeze pump if it's starting to perish, injecter vacuum pipes , rubber fuel lines to the fuel filter, the filter & the fuel filter housing perhaps.
  14. Afternoon all after todays outing my plastic swivel seat has finally given up. It was only one of the cheaper ones plastic bucket with storage swivel lid canvas strap cover kind of set up. Can anyone recommend something that's ideally lightweight stronger & could possibly offer some storage as well . Currently lugging all my decoying equipment around due to not having a 4x4 Cheers 👍
  15. Collectable there is a thread on this forum somewhere for cartridge collectors. p.m farmboy91 he may be able to help you with this 👍
  16. You dont happen to know which series & episode do you? Would like to watch that one. I would love for them to come do a days driven shooting in england or film a short british series over the shooting period from grouse to partridge & duck flighting etc.
  17. So sad loved watching him on 8 out of 10 cats does countdown!
  18. Meat eater is brillant they also have spin off series with people who shoot & feature with steven rinella. The latest series is duck camp dinners six episode series of shooting & cooking with friends is missappi. Fantastic series & really gets you itching for the season! (give the first episode time it really is a good series shooting picks up in the 2nds episode onwards)
  19. Avalon guns sell them new same with the 410 hushpower 3 shots they also have used ones in from time to time
  20. If you are on facebook looking for beaters & pickers up groups & field sports pages pop a post on there I'm sure you will find something fairly quickly
  21. 3 inch chambers I imagine same as the browning 525 normally only find 3.5inch chambers on semi autos for wildfowling or they did do a browning 525 special edition with 3.5inch chambers or a yildiz wildflower & some other side by sides 3.5 inch loads are mainly used on the marsh or for inland goose shooting
  22. Without seeing the box I would imagine foxing? Cant see them being a goose load or duck load as they would have to be steel. I could well be wrong tho
  23. Would also be interested in the hull high pheasants if you would split 👍
  24. Looks a brillant bit of kit & if the bloke who imports them could offer some sort of finance options on them im sure he would sell twice as many. The demand for the jimnys outweighs the current supply for them so prices have gone through the roof even the old shape ones with rot still fetch strong money. I dont think you would lose much money really on one of these new nivas it states on the import website production finishes in 2023 so there a limited production essentially & if you got the bronte model with all the bells & whistles you would be in a niche market with a very good spec quirky car to sell on if you wished to do so.
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