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  1. I know 2 ex military Pals who work as CPOs for such lucky folk.
  2. I am puzzled by this thread. What on Earth happened to your democracy?
  3. Are many people here who served in forces? (Not really important, I know, just wondered. At home, all older shooters, of course were conscripts)
  4. I don’t think ‘confetti’ helps to break clays. Perhaps those suggestions that I meant that are Jokers? Sometimes view of clay breaks is obscured by ‘confetti’ effect. I was wondering why this happens. (Was shooting my Beretta 692, using Lyville Blue 28g 7.5; humidity was around 80%, temp was 7’, negligible chill factor, elevation around 75M) Thank you
  5. I have noticed that clay shattering is enhanced by my cartilages providing confetti effect. Is there explanation for such? Tak you
  6. Thank you. That is what puzzled me about my friends advice. I was as best as I could be with my AK5. I will stay with 692. Again, thanks
  7. Have been UK since last summer. Have learnt to be Shootgunner. Start with Pigon Silver. Move to 692. Friends say I am capable of next step. Perhaps gun costing €7000. Can anyone recommend. (Excellent rifle shooting with 5.56mm, does that influence choice?)
  8. Was in Boxing gym. Heard this strange expression. Perhaps it is slang. At home we have ‘Dog Days’ of summer. Can anyone explain?
  9. Thanks! Have just moved to Norfolk (Internet seems unstable here).
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