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  1. GirlfromtheNordcountry

    Shotgun Recommendation

    Thank you. That is what puzzled me about my friends advice. I was as best as I could be with my AK5. I will stay with 692. Again, thanks
  2. GirlfromtheNordcountry

    Shotgun Recommendation

    Have been UK since last summer. Have learnt to be Shootgunner. Start with Pigon Silver. Move to 692. Friends say I am capable of next step. Perhaps gun costing €7000. Can anyone recommend. (Excellent rifle shooting with 5.56mm, does that influence choice?)
  3. GirlfromtheNordcountry

    Dog Rounds (?) When Boxing

    Was in Boxing gym. Heard this strange expression. Perhaps it is slang. At home we have ‘Dog Days’ of summer. Can anyone explain?
  4. GirlfromtheNordcountry


    For a nice welcome, thanks
  5. GirlfromtheNordcountry

    Lovely day for a ride.

    Lovely to see sport V Twin
  6. GirlfromtheNordcountry


    Thanks! Have just moved to Norfolk (Internet seems unstable here).
  7. GirlfromtheNordcountry


    Hi Shooters!