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  1. Definitely looks like frost damage, all down to temp. Should be 3c and rising before any mortar work is undertaken, also covered with hessian ( how long depends on temp day and night ) We have had some work covered for 6- 10 days in bad winters. Any fresh mortar left exposed will freeze, it looks fine all the time its frozen,then thaw expand and flake off.
  2. As above, and dont shoot the first 1 or 2 you see, they will be scouts for the main party to follow , they are a very intelligent predator. Also check no night fishing is allowed on the lake. I got asked to control some predators on lakes, but the owner would not stop night tickets. Gave that one a miss .
  3. I was after one myself, but saw this and spoke to a lad that had one and didnt get any positive feedback from him, So didnt bother. I have spoken to a couple of lads with the newer one and they seem happy.
  4. Not heard of that one, Im Chichester based and joined Southdown Gun Club a couple of years ago and shoot some grounds around Petworth occasionally.
  5. Hi Mike, what club have you joined in West Sussex bud.
  6. Yes i was the same, fished 4 days a week ( self -employed helps ) teams and individual. Packed it all in 2 years ago, just pleasure fish now on bream venues mostly. A lot of my friends have had gear nicked out of the back of cars, vans etc. Some on driveways, but a lot from fisheries which is worrying especially when you could have 5 to 10 grands worth go in 5 minutes. Luckily i have never had it happen, but the lads i know have been gutted, some gear you just cant get these days.. To be fair theres a lot of very good mid priced gear out there now, I would only spend mega money on sp
  7. Haha, it can be an expensive hobby , Depends how far you want to go . My pole is the same price as a decent second hand car. Let alone Rods, Reels , Ive never been into the really expensive seatboxes some over a grand 😲
  8. You wont go far wrong with Daiwa or Preston innovations mid range tip rods, they will handle silvers to double figure carp. In fact most manufacturers these days have a decent mid range. But all my match rods are Daiwa or PI and i have never had any problems with any of them. Mid range PI rods
  9. Brilliant, Many thanks.
  10. Hi all, Just wondering where i can get a copy off or the instruction manual for the Pulsar N550, mates just given me one to use but no manual and he cant remember what buttons do what.Been on Pulsar site ,but cant find 550 manual on there . Cheers
  11. Just showed the end to my non shooting other half, Her response....." Good god i had no idea they did that much damage ". I think this needs showing far and wide, might make a few non shooting people see the problem.
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