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  1. Thats a cracking Perch, on the float or lead ?
  2. Ive got the new 1.9 auto, yukon as i didnt want too many electric gadgets and leather seats to get ruined. Getting 32 - 34mpg on an average, Was going toyota but just didnt appeal to me this time. i just needed a run around, to be fair its a good ride, good mpg, tows ok, 5 year warranty, and solid, i hear theres an engine update that takes it up to 193bhp , but i think its a grand for that from Isuzu
  3. Hi , will these fit a CG summit , if so i will have them from you.
  4. mpmilo


    Hi mate, can i have this please if still avaliable, can you pm me details for payment Marcus
  5. New member from West Sussex, just getting back into shooting after a 25 year break, mostly pigeon / corvids and a few clays to get my eye back in.
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