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  1. Thanks for that, just had a look lots of antiques etc but nothing on at be the moment. Thanks anyway.
  2. If anyone has one or knows of someone with one for sale etc. Derbyshire/South Yorkshire area Cheers
  3. Had a look but nothing about, after something fairly portable and everything seems to be big industrial stuff, Got a few rough sawn boards to sort. Cheers
  4. Just seeing if there is anything out there, standard electric / portable for DIY project Cheers
  5. Cheers for your replies, wanted a zip in one so not faffing about with 2 coats, Ones I found on eBay I found were silly money,
  6. Anyone got one knocking about? Getting chilly... Pictures and a Price posted by pm please
  7. Thanks udderlyoffroad, worth bearing in mind for future. John has sorted me out. Thanks again, great forum this.
  8. Anyone got one to they no longer require? Derbyshire area Thanks
  9. Jackpigeonfoxing


    Larsen trap wanted Barnsley area, to protect blackbirds/nesting songbirds Cheers Jack
  10. Hi all, ordered new alpine seals and will have a go at fitting them, if you think its priced too high, offers welcome Cheers Jack
  11. Forgot to add that I have original sides with sliding windows (needing refurb) available. £50
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