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  1. Sold pending payment. Thanks all
  2. Its 12 bore. Probably an early load all 2 Pm if interested Cheers
  3. Used but perfect working order, has been repaired at some point. See picture. Only selling as upgraded. Original instructions inc. £30 collected chesterfield area Pm for details
  4. £3500 ono Pm for details Would swap for a decent 32/30 inch barrel u/o Browning +/- cash my way Cheers Jack
  5. Cheers bruno22rf Sent him a message. Fingers crossed.
  6. Has anyone got any new extractors for the over and under baikal ij27E or know where I can find them? Cheers Jack
  7. Got some of these 22 cal (.224) HPBT Match 55gr PPU Bullets Pack 100 - Henry Krank https://www.henrykrank.com › 22-cal-22... if there any good?
  8. Big enough for lab please, single or double considered. Cheers
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