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  1. The Guerini warranty is transferable from owner to owner. It's the gun that's guaranteed once its registered with Anglo Italian Arms
  2. + 1 for Giff Gaff, no contract, let you know every month before the direct debit goes out what your next payment ought to be. Mine's been lowered twice now, never higher.
  3. I've been told they only work properly if the capsule also contains black pepper
  4. I shoot about the same with them both. Its when I change from one to another that My scores drop a bit
  5. First of all, many thanks for all the replies.As regards weight, every site I go on quote different weights for the same guns, same barrel lengths etc. so I suppose the only way is to physically pick one up and try one. I think I've given some people the wrong impression. My 12 bore is a caesar guerini Apex and my 20 a caesar guerini Tempio. Both seem to fit me, I love them both and I'm averaging about 70% with both guns. I've never been game shooting in any form but would never rule it out but I'd like to be proficient before attempting it. I try to keep using both guns, maybe 4 weeks with one and then change over. When I change over my score initially drop before coming back up again as I get use to the gun again. I just wondered if a 16 bore would replace both guns and be a good allrounder for both clays and game.
  6. Just checked the Rizzini site. The Artemis weighs 6.5 lbs and the round bodied EM is quoted at 6.11 lbs. Thats with 28in barrels
  7. Thanks everybody, when this corvid rubbish is over and I can get to my local clay shooting ground I'll give some a try
  8. I've been shooting about 18 months, (clay pigeons only). I've got 2 guns, a 12 and a 20 bore. I usually alternate between the two and find it takes bit of time to acclimatise when changing from one to another. I've been thinking recently about using one gun only and wondered about a 16 bore to replace the 12 and 20. I know cartridges are more expensive but I only shoot about once a week so I don't think that would be a problem. I'd appreciate members thoughts about this and any recommendations. Thanks
  9. I read somewhere once that .177 can travel through the target easier often without causing too much damage whereas a .22 tends not to travel through as much causing a quicker kill
  10. supatex

    Wet shave.

    Astra blades for me, last for ages with a Rockwell 6s razor. It's stainless steel with 3 double sided plates numbered 1 to 6. Once you find the right setting for your beard type,( 1 is the mildest ) it's brilliant, smooth as silk. It's not cheap but they also do a chrome version (6c), which is about half the price but just as smooth.Start with the lowest number and work up till you find your comfort zone.
  11. Film's on its way back just like vinyl. Some quality film cameras are now selling for the same if not more than their equivalent price when they were new. There are still some bargains to be had but be careful of condition if you're thinking of buying.
  12. According to Which, the best one in your price range is the CANON IXUS 285 HS. £169
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