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  1. Thanks everybody, that's great news, I'll contact them tomorrow, thanks again
  2. Thanks Steve, that’s what I was looking for
  3. Has anybody used West Country Guns Of Somerset. They have a gun for sale that I fancy at a good price but as I live a long way away I would have to have it delivered. This isn't a problem but given the number of scams when buying on the internet it would be good to have some feedback, thanks
  4. supatex

    Overseas Aid

    Don't know where that figure's come from. I was listening to an economist on the radio recently. There are 28 countries in the EU, 10 of which contribute monetary wise, ( we are the 3rd biggest contributor ), the other 18 take out. The number taking out will grow as other countries join. Taking into account the money we put in minus the money we get back including all the subsidies for farmers etc. We are still paying nearly £26 million per day!
  5. I wish some reporter would ask some of them where they get their money from. Bet most are on benefits, how else can you have so much time off work
  6. I've not been shooting long but I'm right handed with left eye dominance. I've tried the thing that appears to glow that you fit behind the sight at the end of the barrel but it just didn't work for me. I then tried something that you stick on your glasses in front of your dominant eye. This partially worked when you looked straight ahead but any slight eye movement away from the straight ahead position and my dominant eye took over.I had resigned myself to the fact that I would have to shoot with one eye closed. Then someone told me about ShootSP. In desperation I bought one. It's a tiny plastic black bead that you stick between the barrels on the right hand side for right handers and on the left hand side for left handers. You stick it about an inch from the end of the barrels. I don't know how or why but this thing works,(for me anyway).It doesn't spoil the look of the gun because its so small. When you mount the gun your non dominant eye takes over and the image of the other barrel you see from the dominant eye is hardly noticeable . They are on offer at the moment for £30, normal price £59.99. I know the offer price is still expensive for what it is but for me I was desperate and it works. I now know if I miss a target its nothing to do with wrong eye dominance. I'm nothing to do with the company who make them but I just thought it may be of interest to anyone with the same problem as me.
  7. I came to discover clay pigeon shooting after I retired and have only been shooting for about 12months. After taking a lot of advice, reading loads and trying a lot of guns for fit, I finally purchased a 12 month old Beretta 690 Mk 111 Sporter. It was a perfect fit and I loved shooting it. However, after a few months it developed a fault where the 2nd barrel occasionally wouldn't fire. The trigger couldn't be pulled. This got worse so it was sent back to the distributers for repair. Apparently one of the firing springs had failed. It came back after a couple of weeks but the same thing started to happen again. I then lost confidence in the gun and took it back to the gunshop and after again trying various guns, settled on a 12 month old Caesar Guerini Apex. The gun fitted me just as good as the beretta and I really enjoy shooting it. Being from an engineering background I can see the quality and craftsmanship in both manufacturers. However, with the Beretta the 3 year warranty is not transferable so you only have the warranty given by the shop who are selling to you. Caesar Guerini give a 10 year warranty and this is transferable from owner to owner for the 10 year period. I confirmed this by contacting A.I. the distributer who I must say I had no problem contacting and getting information from. As I have said I've only been shooting a short time so I don't know the names of the top competion shooters and what guns they use but if it's like most other sports, golf, tennis, football etc, the top men/women are sponsored. You may be able to buy the same named clubs, rackets etc as the professionals but don't be fooled into thinking you're getting the same equipment. Their equipment is tailored to them. I would have thought that this would be the same in shooting (but I stand being corrected as I have already said I know nothing about the top names). Also it's my belief that if a someone gets to the the top of his/her game using a particular brand then many others follow believing that his/her success is because of the equipment used. Sorry for the length of this post but I think that there are good and bad guns in all makes and models as in other equipment. If you're happy with what you're using why bother with what others think.
  8. Caesar guerini extended chokes (maxischokes competion) are like the ones you've described
  9. I'm right handed but left eye dominant so I find I have to close my left eye. Wish I could shoot with both eyes open but it just doesn't seem to work for me
  10. Mine's called "Nest". Easy to install, It's "paired" with the boiler. It only requires a low voltage supply. It can be installed in a permanent position or powered via a normal 13 amp socket. You can control it with your mobile phone which is great when you've been away, say on holiday, so you can switch on before you get home so the house is warm by the time you arrive home. I think British gas have their own version which they install for free if you're a customer
  11. Don't test across the battery to see if the voltage drops. With everything switched off disconnect any of the battery leads and connect your multimeter to the battery terminal that you have disconnected the lead from and the disconnected lead. The multimeter should be on DC current. Any reading showing on the meter, ( in amps or mA ), shows you have an electrical discharge somewhere. It's then a matter of trying to find the cause, ( boot light still on etc). If you have no leakage showing then measure across the battery with the meter on DC volts, with the engine running, to see if the alternator is charging the battery. The reading should be about 14.5 volts. Hope this helps
  12. There's definitely no MOT for historic vehicles, ( above 40 years old ) providing they have not been substantially altered. There's a list provided of things that are classed as substantial changes. The assumption is that people owning classic vehicles keep them in good order.
  13. Between Doncaster and Rotherham
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