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  1. Hi Ben I’d be up for one let me know when you’re having them done I’m in Nesscliffe
  2. 31.72 euros plus p&p at omps 2
  3. I have a A303 and a a400 unico both great guns but I must admit i do prefer the old girl . And just as safe with them as any one with a o/u 👌🏻
  4. I use Sws broadband it’s a radio broadband provider probably not in your area but no wires no line rental best thing I ever did .
  5. Must be over six months now since fibre only but still going strong
  6. Have done no panic I’ve got a a400 for the meantime just hate to see the old girl in bits
  7. Been looking online am I right in thinking they are the same pins as the al391
  8. As above after a new firing pin for a A303
  9. I’m rural and ditched bt altogether no cables at all went to line of sight radio broadband best move ever
  10. If your willing to travel to hodnet Haimwood isn’t much further and open all week for practice I think
  11. Am I right in thinking that these are the same as Mobil chokes and victory is because there extended
  12. Can’t believe there’s not hundreds of these Knockin around
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