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  1. A few sips never hurt anyone 🥵👍🏻👍🏻
  2. Red hot after a week or two after about a couple of months the eggs started to dissolve 🥵
  3. I had the Dorset Naga in with my eggs . Had to put toilet roll in the fridge
  4. Done some a few years ago the eggs absorbed a good bit of heat I loved um
  5. Hi there I got a new a400 up lander about 8 months ago put maybe 2000 shells through it it cycles faultlessly but The bolt release is still a bit difficult to press in the shop says this is normal but my question is have any of you good folk put a extended beretta one on or a after market on on such like (briely) and if so is it much of a job did a quick search on YouTube but after some thoughts/ pit falls
  6. Y not just get rid and get yourself a beretta 🤪
  7. Don’t know about the a300 but I’ve a a303 & a400 and there spot on
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