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  1. I wise man said once that only dirty people wash
  2. Good luck for tomorrow then pal just remember it’s better than working 😜
  3. How’s the day going Mel . Wish I’d taken up your kind offer now far to hot for work
  4. Would love to help out but unfortunately work comes first at the moment got a mossberg 20 aswell
  5. Would love to come only in Shrewsbury but working all week sadly 🥲
  6. Gave them a bell but the nearest they had was a dt11L
  7. Looked at the so5 but think the dt would be the better deal I’d be looking for a 30inch
  8. Thinking of getting a dt 10 eell any thoughts on them would be much appreciated
  9. For the sake off a couple of hundred quid my as well get a new one that’s what I went for
  10. There’s three 20 s on gun trader
  11. Same as this had a grade 4 dislocation had an operation and three months off work.sooner you get a physio looking at it the better
  12. Look at Folkestone engineering I’m think they deliver primers
  13. The answer is a relatively easy one get another beretta 😜
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