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  1. When you don’t want to do something ( I would rather **** in my hand and clap )
  2. I have a a400 up lander and love it for sporting clays but still use the old a303 on the pigeons and crows
  3. Should have one in a day or two will let u know
  4. Just looked at mine and don’t think u can fit a silencer
  5. I used slippery ***** on my 303 did a tidy job
  6. As above after people’s thoughts I’ve been using a single shot 410 but thinking of upgrading to a pump action . But do I move up to a 20 bore . Regarding noise / cost of cartridge etc have reloading gear for 20 but not for the 410
  7. Yes pal got ic and a half if that’s any good
  8. I’ve got some will have a look what choke later
  9. Spot on sent mine in Saturday had a extension through the post Tuesday
  10. Hi Ben I’d be up for one let me know when you’re having them done I’m in Nesscliffe
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