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  1. I’m rural and ditched bt altogether no cables at all went to line of sight radio broadband best move ever
  2. If your willing to travel to hodnet Haimwood isn’t much further and open all week for practice I think
  3. Am I right in thinking that these are the same as Mobil chokes and victory is because there extended
  4. Can’t believe there’s not hundreds of these Knockin around
  5. After a set of Mobil extended or Extended Teague chokes
  6. Am I right in thinking these use mobile chokes
  7. Try to miss in front of the target then at least you have a chance of hitting
  8. Recommendations for a decent magnet would be gratefully received
  9. No problem with fibre through berettas
  10. Try (field and falcon) Wrexham they should have it
  11. Went to pick up a part for my a400 and came home with a aya matador does that get me in the club
  12. Managed to get a bolt head from Andy at the workshop at gmk top fella very helpful 👍🏻👍🏻
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