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  1. Raw and wriggley


    Now that’s lunch !!
  2. Raw and wriggley

    Lead Shot

    Pm sent
  3. Raw and wriggley

    BASC reports Lush to advertising watchdog

    Well done
  4. Raw and wriggley

    Lead shot retail

    Cheers salopian
  5. Raw and wriggley

    Lead shot retail

    Sorry to hijack but what about Shropshire anyone know a shot supplier here
  6. Raw and wriggley

    Pigeon cartridges in autos

    I shoot clay loads through my a400 Unicom and haven’t noticed any problems
  7. Raw and wriggley

    An open letter to Hannah Blythyn

    Spot on
  8. Raw and wriggley

    Pigeon Watch Poloshirts

    When are you taking orders ?
  9. Raw and wriggley

    Beretta Mobil chokes

    After a set of Mobil extended chokes of anyone has some lying around
  10. Raw and wriggley

    Beretta white onyx

    Thanks for the info will pass it on to him
  11. Raw and wriggley

    Beretta white onyx

    Hi there could anyone tell me if the white onyx is basically a silver pigeon with different cosmetic appearance my mate shoots with my silver pigeon but likes the look of the onyx
  12. Let’s see more of your bargains then perhaps we could help with that
  13. Raw and wriggley


    I received mine last week not had chance to use it but nick has already emailed me to let me know what’s going on (can’t fault the man)
  14. Raw and wriggley


    Got a couple of tubs of psb+2 would this be any good in a 30g or 32g load in 12 bore if so any recipes would be much appreciated
  15. Raw and wriggley


    Just left to stand in fridge in honey and soya sauce so simple and delicious makes my mouth water plus I think the beer helped