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  1. Gavla

    Help with making decoys

    I’ve used the plastic milk bottle method for years & it does the trick ??
  2. Air rifle hunting for rabbits, pigeons & grey squirrels required for South Wales area. Fully BASA insured with all paperwork provided. Please PM or email gav.ellis77@gmail.com if you have anything. Thanks
  3. Gavla

    New Range South Wales

    I’d be interested in this Brian. I’m in Pontypool so not too far for me. Mainly into my air guns & am a member of a local clay pigeon shoot but numbers are low. Will you be providing club guns & will there be a hand gun range ? PM me if you want. Gav
  4. Gavla

    Webley Raider 2 shot dipping

    Took it into my gun shop & he filled it to 200 bar no problem, I managed to put 150 bar in with the pump but it got so far & wouldn’t do any more. Think it’s going back & I need to get myself a tank !! thanks ??
  5. Gavla

    Webley Raider 2 shot dipping

    Shouldn’t be faulty as it’s brand new but you never know ! I’ll drop it in today & see if they’ll fill it for me. Thanks for the reply
  6. Gavla

    Webley Raider 2 shot dipping

    Hi, been a while, had to sign up again as I’ve been out of the air rifle scene & the forum for a while. Anyway, I’ve got a Webley raider 2 shot in .22 & use a pump to fill it. Recently it’s not filling to 200 bar, maybe getting to about 150. And then after about 10 shots it’s seriously lacking power & dipping shots badly. Ive checked for leaks after a strip down & cant see any damage to the o rings & ive done a balloon test to see if any air is escaping. Im at a loss now to be honest & ive just got a new permission to shoot ! Any ideas & help would be much appreciated.