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  1. I have a synthetic stock, but no floor plate, can send pictures via whatsapp if interested
  2. Don't they have an O ring inside cap.
  3. Digger79

    PARD 008

    Airgunforum.co.uk some on there for sale
  4. Just s heads up, if you,havnt sold this they are fetching £200 - £250 on Ebay. 

    1. snow white

      snow white

      I didn’t know that just put it on eBay and somebody of pigeon watch had brought it for what I put it up for that’s my luck never mind thanks for telling me 

  5. Got one here pop it in morning
  6. Have you looked at these, ebay 114649991387 eyepiece 28mm, sorry Steve i cant put link up
  7. Kestrel now sold
  8. Kestrel 5700 ballistics. £310 Magneto speedsporter chrono adapted to use on mod ( Evolution) £160 Atlas psr bipod with Adm 170-s lever. £200 SOLD Wheeler digital fat wrench. £55. SOLD Prochono Digital. £65. SOLD Advertised elswhere
  9. Got some new warne qd maxima. 34mm Medium (221m)
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