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  1. Crop protection, hay and silage is classed as a crop, ask farmer for letter stating your needed for crop protection, call 101 name of farm time starting - leaving. Get ref number off them and crack on. Been out Twice this week for same reason.
  2. Had one for 2yrs, tried on clays with 28gm 7s, kept jamming would not cycle properly.
  3. Can u tell me the app you refer to in codes of practice, that records and instantly uploads.
  4. Just seen this on SD, took this of Accurate homepage
  5. Seems the norm, had to supply permission slips on 2 land clearance enquiries.
  6. Needed t3x buttpad spacers and long bolts, PM with price and payment details.
  7. south wales, very few to be seen, Hereford where I have 3 perms crawling with them this year. only seen one Hare
  8. Basc (Agria insurance) £270 for year and £95 Excess and you pay 10% of bill. Quote on 9 week,cocker spaniel
  9. Is this the one if so pm me delivery Address and i will send no cost
  10. Digger79

    Cocker spaniel

    Now sorted thanks to shotgun tim
  11. Digger79

    Cocker spaniel

    Looking for a cocker pup, black bitch from working stock. South wales
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