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  1. Digger79

    Hello from Wales

    Welcome Danllan
  2. Digger79

    12 Gauge Cartridges (Clear Pigeon plus others)

    TREMO Thanks for the clays and extra couple of cartridges thrown in, A TRUE GENTLMAN all the best Digger
  3. Digger79

    12 Gauge Cartridges (Clear Pigeon plus others)

    2nd dibs on these if not sold pm sent
  4. Digger79

    Survival tools

    I cant read, i cant write, but i can drive a Tractor. LOL
  5. Digger79

    Faulty Primos Trigger Sticks tripod Gen 2

    Had same problem with my sticks, if you unscrew leg from trigger assembly there is a bar that that has 2 ( bolt nuts) on them, these need to 6 inches apart top and bottom of centre of leg.
  6. Digger79

    Decathlon hide poles

    Yes 2 poles
  7. Digger79

    Decathlon hide poles

    Yep carphone warehouse,
  8. Digger79

    Van won't start

    Try crossing starter terminals, i use old large screwdriver thats had slight bend put into the end, usually does trick to free stuck starter
  9. Digger79

    winchester SX4 jamming

    Used mine for last 12 months over 2000 catridges not had any problems, ( crow contract 3 farms) i would get it checked.
  10. Digger79

    Shower Problems auto reset.

    Move temp gauge to either 5 or 6, then turn on shower, press START+FLOW Buttons together. At the first BEEP release START button Second BEEP release FLOW button, Shower should now be running, it should switch itself of after a few minutes (4-5) thats resset. If not then could mean a new Circuit Board.hope this helps
  11. Digger79

    Pigeon Watch Poloshirts

    2x dark green XL please
  12. Digger79

    Land clearance for FAC

    I found sending an Email with photo of signed permission slip, name of farm and postcode, always get reply same day.you can also ask on email if land not cleared when can they do one
  13. Digger79

    Durham Shotgun

    Just bought a durham over under sg but cant find anything about it on the net, looking to replace firing pins but cant tell if its modelled on Lamber Aya etc.help needed please
  14. Digger79

    Durham Shotgun

    Thanks gunman i will take a look
  15. Digger79

    Durham Shotgun

    Thanks HW95j yes i was thinking must be that or lamber, Scully yes she is in mint condition other than needing new pin,
  16. Digger79

    Estate agent fees

    Definetely go the solicitor route, just sold my house after swapping estate agents, vendors had used first agents for viewing but used 2nd agent to reviewand make offer. As seller i wouldnt have names of people viewing so was unaware the first agent had introduced these people to my property,until i also had a bill from them, ended up paying 2 fees