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  1. Thanks wascal - I've seen that before. It doesn't bode well for me (or others in Hampshire) and I think it needs updating to add even more time onto the average wait down here.
  2. I applied for my SGC in June and I still haven't received anything. I just wondered if there was anyone else in the Hants area who is waiting for an SGC grant? I had the interview about two weeks after sending in my application...and now it's almost 2019 and I haven't heard a thing. I've sent a few emails over the past few months politely asking for an update, but I just get the same reply - my application is still waiting to be looked at, and they have no time frame as to when it will be looked at. I know the police are stretched...but surely an indefinite timeline for applications flies in the face of the timescales listed on their website? Is anyone else in the same boat?
  3. Tomleecee

    Cambridgeshire SGC

    Oh yeah, I totally agree. I've just tried to forget about it and focus on other hobbies away from shooting. It's just frustrating that they have the power to prevent you from enjoying a sport you enjoy or in some cases a livelihood. Personally I only applied so I can shoot clays without having to pay a small fortune for lessons every time, but I can only imagine what it must be like for farmers etc who need a gun for their livelihood. Going from what I've seen both on this forum and on the wider internet though, Hampshire is one of the slowest forces in country so I'm fully expecting to be waiting the best part of a year...if not longer. I hope you don't have to wait this long for yours - good luck
  4. Tomleecee

    Cambridgeshire SGC

    Not Cambridgeshire, but I'm in the Hampshire area and I've been waiting about 23 weeks now (website says 16 weeks I think). Same thing here though - I've emailed only to be told that they're busy basically. Not much you can do but wait I guess.
  5. Tomleecee

    Shotgun licence

    I sent mine off in mid June 2018 to Hampshire, had the FAO interview in mid July...and since then I still haven't heard anything, Mid-November (5 months). I know this is about the Met but just wanted to illustrate how much waiting times vary.
  6. Heard from the police this morning. Apparently it'll be at least another month before my application is even looked at. On the one hand at least that gives some sort of time frame (though, I'll eat my hat if I hear anything within another 6 months). On the other, perhaps I should look at other hobbies to get involved with and give up on the clay shooting for now. Having instruction is so expensive it's not really viable as a regular pastime. Really, I'm not surprised so few people bother trying to get into shooting when there's such a huge obstacle in the way.
  7. Tomleecee

    Spitfire shoot, Stockbridge?

    Simon - I'm a billy no mates too. Once I have my SGC (if it ever comes!) maybe I'll see you there being a billy no mates haha
  8. Tomleecee

    Durham Firearms Licensing

    Yeah, some folk have suggested that but I've emailed them a few times and I'm wary of making a nuisance of myself. As someone else said - it's best to just chill and wait for it to turn up - pestering them won't make it arrive any sooner, regardless of how annoying the wait has been/continues to be.
  9. Tomleecee

    Spitfire shoot, Stockbridge?

    I've been here. On one occasion they had a massive stag party or an office social or something there, which delayed my lesson for over an hour. As an apology they refunded half of the fee for my lesson. Once I get my SGC I'll mainly be going to Spitfire Shoot to practice, seems like a pretty friendly and easy going place.
  10. Tomleecee

    Durham Firearms Licensing

    Wow that's really quick! Good stuff. I sent my SGC grant form off in June and still waiting (Hampshire). Starting to think it'll never show up...
  11. They could send a Terminator back from the year 2230 to follow you everywhere Scully. Do you think the budget would cover that?
  12. I came across this interview on clay-shooting.com with Mike Cox, the firearms licensing manager at Avon & Somerset police. Thought it might be worth sharing here: http://www.clay-shooting.com/features/interview-police-shotgun-licensing-manager-mike-cox/ I searched to see if it had been previously posted but couldn't find it, apologies if it has been shared previously. Mods please delete if this is a duplicated thread.
  13. Thanks for the replies folks. I'm not going to complain - I know the police are stretched and they have much better things to be doing than sorting out my SGC. Plus, the administrator I spoke with via email was courteous and I know they're snowed under/under staffed. Was just venting is all. Just got to sit it out I guess.
  14. I emailed again this morning after another week of hearing nothing. Still with the management team, still waiting a decision. It's been nearly 17 weeks now. Should I ring them or will that just rile them up? I just want some indication as to how long I'll be waiting is all.