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  1. We do, but I always forget to put them on here! I only remember when we do this day! I'll make an effort to keep updated!
  2. We had our Annual "Squirrel Bash" on the weekend, walking through a few of the big woods... Bagged a total of 31. New total - 361
  3. Excellent! Definitely better with a 28 instead of 410 in the end.
  4. Mattheius

    . 410 o/u

    I've just dropped you a PM.
  5. Yes, dray bashing, there was 7 of us shooting, over several woods, was a fun day, and very busy indeed.
  6. We went out on a big squirrel drive, and shot 63! And there are still so many around! 465
  7. Hi Oly, I have PM'd you. Thanks.
  8. Gun is now available again!!! Any questions, please ask
  9. Mattheius


    Stokeshooter, I have an investarm 410 which may be available very soon. Are you still looking? (I'm in Stoke too)
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