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  1. Sure these are 1200 max on official web site
  2. Browning Crossbuck Shotgun Slip Green 52" . Condition is New and has not been used. I bought this for my new gun only to find out that my wife had also purchased a Shotgun Slip for me as a present, Free delivery or pick up from Coventry * sold
  3. Looking for £150 postaged 1/4 1/2 full 3/4 cyl
  4. Need one of these thank you
  5. Thank you everyone for your input , I'm all sorted now thanks to this group Hopefully lockdown wont be forever and we will all be out , stay safe people
  6. Thank you all think maybe I'm already looking for excuses lol I shall keep going with 1/4 for now ( when lock down is over ) Thanks again Ps dont think the chokes midas anywayb
  7. Should of said it's for sporting Clay's if that makes any difference
  8. Chewuup

    Crow decoys

    I just put old black socks ( can only ever find one ) over pigeon decoys works very well
  9. Looking for 1/2 ( modifed) extended choke for my 525 laminate think they are midas chokes Thank you Scott P.s It's a 32" I have a set of 1/4 chokes in do you think it will make much of a difference
  10. Just put deposit down thank you, have been to the shop before last year spoke to a very nice bloke there ( even tho didnt buy anything ) very happy with purchase Thank you
  11. Sorry for delay, just cant gel with it, rushed into buying it , have now brought a browning laminate, which I can't use yet lol .
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