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  1. Chewuup


    I have a shotkam 2nd generation just dont used it enough, comes with everything you need asking £390 for it inc postaged or you can collect from Coventry
  2. Hi Looking through Facebook ads I seen someone that can do laser engraving... so I contacted him and asked if he could do a side plate on my 525 laminate as its plane ... which he said yes now problem but only the flat bits ...... so now the question is what do I have on it ..... do I have a family personal picture or do I get a game scene ... what do you guys think I have the guys email if you want to contact him aswell seems very knowledgeable and will only need the parts that need engraving so wont need licence
  3. I'll have them if let down
  4. Keep me informed please ( sounded all posh then )
  5. Looking for 1/4 and 1/2 Invector Plus chokes for my 525 laminate thank you
  6. Chewuup

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    Hi This is kind of thing I'm looking for Thank you all
  7. Think I was 3rd in line, someone got a bargain
  8. I'll have the ridgeline if sale fails delivered if possible to cv32fg so you can get hemes estimate Thank you
  9. Chewuup

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    Hi Have you got any pictures or links wassap me if you can 07967210041 Thank you
  10. Chewuup

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    Thank you but sadly no good for pigeons
  11. Chewuup

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    Hi did you manage to get any pictures or have a link , you can wassap me aswell
  12. Chewuup

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    Thank you if you want you can wassap me 07967210041
  13. Chewuup

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    Have pictures and how much and where from
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