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  1. Thank you could you message me where you are and how much please
  2. So your saying you have one ? Or just want to tell me
  3. Anyone got one for sale I'm in Coventry
  4. I'm a Browning man keep trying Beretta but Browning fit me better
  5. Thank you everyone got some today from Lidl £30 bargain
  6. Hi brought new gun going to sell my Beretta 692 beautiful gun cased 2 extra chokes in Coventry looking for 1700 Ono I'll try and get the pictures up today , message me or call me 07967210041
  7. My pictures are too big but I can wassap you some over or email 07967210041 chewuup@hotmail.com
  8. I'm more of a Browning shooter
  9. Ok not free but I can't hit anything with it lol Beretta 692 with loads of extra chokes £1600 Coventry Or px what have you got
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