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  1. Imo its not the size, breed or anything to do with the dog its the owners who cause the problems with dogs. Any dog can be aggressive if it being a yorkie or a great dane. When my staffy was a pup aprox 7 month old i taken her to a car boot sale and a little yorkie sank its teeth into her. My little girl had a scratch on her nose and didnt get hold of the yorkie as i dragged her away by the lead and the mrs got hold of her. I picked the fella up who jad the yorkie in his arms and gave him a slap and told him he has to be responsible for his dog. 5 other people came up to me and thanked me for doing tjis because his rat had done it to other dogs in the past and he still use to take it with him.
  2. Have you looked at hoggs of fife? I havent worn them yet out in the field but like a pair of slippers soon as i put them on. Stay away from jack pyke lasted 6 month and split at the top of my feet on both. Only 70 quid off amazon and feel a lot better quality than a lot ov other wellies i have seen
  3. I am use to dealing with a holes all day in the scrap yard 😁 I do my rabbits and hares in the slow cooker better than any stew ive eaten
  4. Well jacko, that was a good write up. Hats off to jdog taking you along with him. Good day out and good bird count. Good luck with the shot count, i aint digweed myself i cant hit an elephants but with a bazooka some days. You will think you have it one day and the next you feel like throwing your gun at them but still being out with a pal or even on your own is better than a playstation
  5. I didnt think i could eat them with myxi? I know i can handle them but not eat them. I will have to shoot more than i use to. I use to just shoot a couple at a time to put in the freezer or give my mates with ferrets but i think now i will have to shoot what i see.
  6. Thanks for reply pigeon shredder, looking on tinternet an they can have young that is imune to the virus but i dont know if this is true. I hope it doesnt wipe them all out. I shot 7 last week and they was all good rabbits good size and not a mark on them
  7. Well,,,,, out this morning with my fac air and spotted a rabbit, ranged it 75 yards. Smoked it straight in the head no problem. Walked round a bit further and another one 90 yards away bang dropped that one aswell. Walked round a corner and one was sat about 40 yards and got that one. Walked up to the last rabbit shot and it looked red around the eyes. Number 2 looked ok but fur was scruffy The first one i shot at 75 yards looked rough as a bears aaass and had a white puss out of its eyes. Should i shoot as many as i can now and hope it goes away or let it kill them all and just hope rabbits come back. There is no shortage of rabbits where i am i can guarantee i can go there and go to a corner and get at least 2 a time. How long does it take for them to get rid of the virus and start getting them for the pot again? Any info please gents will be much appreciated Thanks Dave
  8. I have had one for about 2-3 weeks, cleaned and put a seal on it and shoots 30g 6s no problem. Make sure you get plenty of ammo as you can shoot a box at nothing just for fun. Dont try and put a seal in thats too big or it wont fire. Get 2mm seals and you cant go wrong
  9. Thanks for the info figgy, i might take it a local shop and see what they say and see what fits
  10. Tt, thats the reason i got it, it was cool pulling the trigger as fast as i can and 3 shots. It will put a smile on anyones face that shoots but like you said, need to stock up on ammo and a big magnet to pick empties up
  11. Reminds me when i put in for my fac, had interview early august last year then 5 phone calls later and a lot of waiting it came through the door day after boxing day. Keep patience in mind when waiting on firearms. Im with merseyside so i didnt think it was too bad. Good luck
  12. Thanks gc, i was thinking of how these things work 🥴 if a seal sits on top of the piston when building it up, isnt that goin to be infront of the gas ports? Why would there be a seal in that place, we had this discussion on sunday and a sx3 win and browning maxus has seals on the other side of the ports. We can get our head on the other 2 guns to get as much gas back to the piston as possible but hatsan got our brains rattling a little bit. Any info on that gents?
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