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  1. I wqtch loads of vids on the net and i can be watching dog training one minute to red stag stalking in scotland. I have sub to about 15 different channels. Been watching srs power before i got my fac thought he was good. My knowledge now after using rimfire has totally changed on him. Robin foxer is a good watch Mcqbushcraft is also good Verminhuntersuk is a bit annoying but gets some good shots The obvious 260rips is excellent shot Freedomofbird using his 17hmr is really good. I have just been watching hintersvermin and started his vids from beginning and a really good watch. Thats my opinion but everyone is different
  2. . O would deffo change the oil and filter in box and the diffs. Most garages wont do it on a service its not that hard to do. The main problem on them is a lift pipe that pulls oil into the engine blocks hence the seized engines thats out there. I find regular service sorts that and another thing is they domt like running hot like the 200tdi hence heads going. I know people who run them 60-40 antifreeze and serviced every 4 thou and still going strong.
  3. What year disco? Ive only had 200 and 300tdi one is a lt77 and the 300 was a r380 gearboxes. Usually find a gear crunch starting on them then whining noises. Change the oil in the box and diffs and problem solved. I have had it a few times out of the 8 that ive owned
  4. I had a cannabis caution 2 years ago. I worked at a scrap yard and had a police raid and they found some in my old bacca tin(that i didnt know about i gave up smoking 5 month previous) the officer asked whos it was i said mine and he gave me a caution and said if i didnt sign it i would get sent to court and it would be on my record.so i signed. 6 month later i sent my app off and got a phone call off my fao saying why didnt i tell them about it. My license got put on hold they sent me the doctors for a medical report. Whilst i was there i made him do a drug test to prove i didnt touch the stuff. my gun was in my dads cabinet at the time. The fao told me i shouldn't of signed it. I didnt know i could refuse and make them test me. 3 month later i got it through the post. 2 years later i now have my fac and i told them about in on my application just to show i didnt have anything to hide and i told the fao if he would like to call round for a brew and a drug test anytime he likes
  5. Let us know how you get on
  6. If you havent had it for long and been like this from the last owner try the oil. I know people wont belive it but ive been there and done it and im trying to tell you. I bought a few with the same problem and changed the fuel and put the spec oil in a mixture and boom started on 3rd pull. Dont be fooled spending money when you dont have to. Go to the nearest hire shop and ask them about huskys and the oil. Tp hire and sell the oil
  7. I know this may sound a bit wierd but if like the wizzers i had the same problem at work. My boss after buying loads of new parts still wouldnt start. Asked someome at a hire company and they ise a certain type of 2stroke oil by husky therself. Little did we know as our old one used anything. The huskys are a clever bit of kit. Have a look on evil bay its a green oil and it works
  8. Like hawkfanz says whats wrong with these people???? If something came up around the northwest i would snatch their hand off as would many others. Wouldnt it be good guys to roll out of bed and land on a field full of pigeons but unfortunately....... I suppose its how far will somebody be willing to travel. I am one of the lucky ones who only has to drive an hour but depending on the lay of the land i would be willing to travel more
  9. This is an awful situation but the idiots out there will think they are rambo who can take anything down with a spud gun is beyond me. This in my opinion is an inexperienced shooter. In my eyes there is a certain gun for a certain job it down to the person pulling the trigger. Maybe instead of a 5 minute visit from fao maybe it should be 7 minute and ask a few questions like the quarry they are shooting. Some people may agree some might think its time they dont but this is how these things happen
  10. 1 rabbit first kill with 17hmr Total 18
  11. Get it used. Like my dad says u cant take it with you. Nothing stopping you from using it and looking after it.
  12. Its the ricochet problem starting over. My fields are passed for 22 there is a flat field thats half a mile long and the firearms officer said to farmer if im shooting stood up its fine because of the distance of the field. I dont know where he got that from. Im happy shooting infront of a banking and into sand. Other than that i am playing with fire shooting on the edge of the field in my eyes. If anyone can share some info with this please pm me as i am new to rimfire and would like to learn some knowlage of people
  13. Thats a good point sabel, i might try and shoot sprouts haha Im waiting for my license to come back as they didnt put fac air on it but i will get a 22 when i get it back. The only thing that bothers me is my ground is soft and i know where the bullet will go i dont like the thoughts of ricochet i do have a 7ft banking that im shooting in front of but as for other parts of the fiel there is none that i can shoot with lr in my opinion
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