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  1. Davetyler

    3 inch Over and Under

    I have winchester 101 lightweight ejecter 27" barrels multichoke 3" Pm me for more info
  2. Davetyler

    Budget tires

    Hi i have worked in tyres for about 3 years, now ex tyre fitter. I have fitted and replaced thousands of tyres ranging from 10" up to 22" varing in price ranges from 15 quid per tyre to 450 quid runflats My advice of know hows Michelin tyres are great tyres for running up and down motorways. Aslong as you get them changed after 12 month. Ive seen 5hese cracked on the sidewall after 6 month some may think is safe until u have a blowout Conti expensive price for a quick wearing tyre. Also soft sidewalls bit sloppy on cornering Hankook are a solid wearing tyre Now for budget tyres I have fitted nankang, athree and kingpin tyres to taxi drivers and never last more than a month Landsail are a good all round tyre good wearing and handeling and nice and cheap. Evergreen a bit like landsail bit a bit softer on the sidewalls Both of these in my opinion are good tyres for us who dont have thousands to burn id pick these over anything anyday exept for mud then it would be kuhmo kl71 against anything you throw at it. Thats my experience anyways thanks
  3. Davetyler

    firearms officers visit

    Hi im in merseyside and had my visit about 2 weeks after poasting the forms. That was the 13th of august and they told me everything was fine. Have expirience with rf and cf (dads and shooting buddy cf) and held my shotgun for 16 years. Im still waiting for it to drop on the door mat but you never know father christmas might bring it. Some areas is reasonably quick and other horrors are months
  4. This is still for sale thanks
  5. Davetyler

    Hello from St. Helens

    Hello dad No not taking the whiz this is my dad
  6. Send me a pm and i will send pics
  7. Good luck with the sale. Mine has been on for a while now No1 knows good engineering
  8. Hi i dont know if this is the right thread or not. Im 32 from st helens. Into shooting obv Im after some tips and pionters on ferreting. Is there anyone in or around my area that would show me the ropes. Dont need to do anything il sit in the corner and watch. Watch how handle ferrets when digging and things like that. I havent got any ferrets yet (need to sort my back yard out) was goin to get some next season kits. If anyone can help me i can give some rabbit and pigeon for you or the ferrets in exchange of sitting for a while on your field watching you work ur ferrets. Please pm or reply on here and let me know. Im available on a sunday and tuesday thanks
  9. Gun still for sale cames with bag and chokes poss a 3 gun cabinet aswell if i get 375
  10. Davetyler

    Yukon photon night vision scope

  11. Davetyler

    Yukon photon night vision scope

    Collection from st helens. Can meet at fuel cost
  12. Davetyler

    Yukon photon night vision scope

    Sorry st helens
  13. Davetyler

    Yukon photon night vision scope

    Here i have my night vision scope. Belting bit of kit photon 4.6x42 Comes boxed with add on ir 6x rechargable batteries charger 2 batteries for lamp bit no charger with is 18650 batteries. Ideal for night ratting. Buyer collects no post or paypal Cash on collection £300
  14. Still for sale. Price dropped to 375 if not gone il keep it. Thanks
  15. Last week on here now gents. Cash offers welcome