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  1. Davetyler

    New or used hmr

    About half hour away. Soon as i get my lisence il be having a drive around all the shops and having a look at different packages they have to offer
  2. Davetyler

    Hello from st helens

    I have been 2 websters shop quite a few times as its walking distance from where i live. And i know his son. After 8 years my seeland wellies started leaking. After telling him i only had x amount of money he sold me a pair of jp wellies and wellie socks and best thing ive spent my money on no more wet feet lol still have to go to his clay ground tho but im in the field all of my free time.
  3. Davetyler

    New or used hmr

    Thanks to all with info that you have given. Ive had a look around for used 17 and local shops. I have noticed most places a new cz455 is cheaper than a secondhand 452 or there is not much diff in price. There are some cheap 22lr out there supose il have to see what father christmas brings me.
  4. Davetyler

    New or used hmr

    Hi tbanks for the reply guys. Im from st helens merseyside A couple of shops around me.
  5. Davetyler

    New or used hmr

    Just a question to you experienced shooters Ive put in for my fac (22lr,17hmr and fac air) Lucky my dad is being 5he kind fella he is giving me his fac air. I dont have money to burn so i cant afford 2 gleeming new rifles so was looking to buy 2 2nd hand rifles. I have about 500 quid to play with. Would you guys buy 1 brand new gun that is in my price range or try and get 2 for the same price. Ive heard my dad on about burnt barrels on 17 so i have to be carefull. Any advice given is better than going in blind
  6. Davetyler

    How many Rabbits are killed in 2018

    1 last night 87 yard aa s510 fac 1584
  7. Davetyler

    Hello from st helens

    Thank you
  8. Davetyler

    Hello from st helens

    Hello to all pw members, ive been looking on this site for a while and decided to join to get more knowlage from u fine gents (most of you anyways) as said im from st helens dad of 2 love my shooting and offroading out with the family. Im a stay at home dad and any free time im out on 5he field. Rabbits and pigeon. Shotgun and air rifle (app for fac about 6 week ago had visit) any info for decoying and rough shooting would be most helpful. I have net 6 decoys and me guns. Thank u all so much for your experience you have already shared