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  1. What area are you from?
  2. Thank you, if i cant hit it with a hammer i am useless haha wording has never been a strong point of mine
  3. Its **** law we will all be doing the same. Ive never really had big numbers around my land bit guarantee il show my face today and there be loads
  4. Say old un you wouldnt mind if o used this as a template as i am no good at writing emails and not sound thick lmao
  5. Well guys its simple really can i shoot pigeon landing on my brassica? Over the two weeks there has been gas guns, electric scarers, bags and tape taal over the field and pigeons keep landing, The farmer wants me to go and clear the pigeons as nothing he has done has worked. Being young plants the pigeons have been on them and these none lethal methods have been of any use at all. My shot count is sxxt to say the least so if i have scared them off and they keep coming back can i shoot them (or try to anyways) i understand they havent revoked the new licence whilst whi ever sorts out the gray areas so am i right in saying i can shoot
  6. Deosnt state a season for crop protection just a valid till date that was on the old system too
  7. I just go bang anyways my shot to kill count is shocking i should work for the RSPB im that good as i always say its not the kill its the crop protection and im sticking with that
  8. If we have gas guns out and scarers out and we shoot pigeons on that field it shows that you are trting to scare them.
  9. Thanks for that guys the more black and white we have infront of us the easier it is to prove something is right
  10. No problem, happy to help. If you need anything just drop me a pm
  11. I noticed a few weeks ago that batch numbers make a big difference. Bought 500 with my gun happy with zero and a few rabbits later bought another 200 a couple of weeks later and couldnt hit a barn door, zero in again and perfect, after a lot of head scratching and a lot of swearing i realised that i was picking up different bullets each time i was out. Buy a batch and check zero I am confident in the rifle and myself now to hit a 10p at 100 yards
  12. http://www.llroc.co.uk/ Get intouch with these lads they have events and good lads for information
  13. Well it was a couple of week ago i thought about it, as a lad i know said i needed to carry a folder full of paperwork every time i went out. I thought i can only just remember to take the right bullets for the gun im taking, driving an hour setting up and realising you have picked up 22 ammo instead of 17hmr is a a kick between the legs
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