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  1. I’ve just been to shoot Audley this morning. Nice little 50 birder.
  2. Mickley will let you take out any gun for sale in their shop, except brand new. They have loads of 2nd hand and demo guns. You just pay a tenner for cleaning. That's how I made my choice. Took 4 or 5 different guns out on lessons before arriving at my CG Summit.
  3. I store my gun stock down in my safe. The safe is in a warm room in the house so I never film my barrels with oil. I clean with Legia, with phosphour bronze brush, then jag & cloth, then a quick pull through with the wool mop a couple of times down each barrel. Then lightly grease moving parts with Tetra grease, quick wipe down with a colth after opening the action a few times to dispell any excess grease, then into my safe. I always draw a boresnake through both barrels twice when I've finished shooting whilst the gun is still warm, before heading home from the shooting ground. This removes a good chunk of the **** before it hardens and sticks but, surprisingly, not as much as you'd expect.
  4. I recently bought a 3 yr old Summit Impact, as my first gun. I'd had lessons using differing guns but the high-rib suits me and having tried the Summit Impact I just knew that was the gun for me. Absolutely love it. The scrollwork is less fancy on the summit. The only tit on it is me.
  5. I just bought my first gun. Started shooting around July and am hoping to shortly join CPSA
  6. Bede

    wooden priests

    What are these for?
  7. I enjoy Dave Carrie's videos - particularly the ones featuring Rachel! His awkwardly long handshakes are also great viewing!
  8. I know of Cloudside and intend to pop down to take a look after Christmas but Basford's not one I've stumbled across. Thanks, I'll look it up.
  9. So, local guys - where's good to shoot 'round these parts? Currently I shoot at Mickley Hall and know of Doveridge and Audley Gun Club, althought there's absolutely no information available regarding how to join Audley Gun Club on the face of the earth. I recently bought my shotgun and want to get out of a Sunday morning at various places for a bit of clay blasting but am new to it all and need to learn of where to go.
  10. I applied for my SGC with Staffs Police in July. Got my certificate in under 4 weeks.
  11. I'm a biker and I think it's brilliant. The bike thieves are now so brazen that they think nothing of robbing bikes in busy high streets in broad daylight, safe in the knowledge that they'll meet little resistance and the police have 'better things to be doing' than track stolen motorbikes. I'm all for it.
  12. I love the head up position. Luckily Scott who runs Mickley Hall shoots a Summit Impact and I've been using that for the last month or so. Should have my own in the next week or so. Can't wait to finally get my hands on my own. Thanks for the cleaning tip - I'll have a gander.
  13. Bede


    A bit of a dusting in Flash this morning, between Leek & Buxton.
  14. I'd definitely go with an auto darkening helmet for starting out. They make life so much easier if it's something you're not used to. You can get one of acceptable standard now for about 40 quid. I have a Speedglas 9100XX and it's the best mask I've used but it's a few quid more! Also, as stated above, use 6013's. Really easy rod to use. Also, give yourself the best chance by practicing on 5mm+ steel, ground back to shiny metal. If you have an angle grinder get yourself a 65mm wire cup brush to clean your welds and also prepping and dirty areas prior to welding. And have fun. I've been welding for 25 years but I'm a works manager these days but still maintain my codings and get out to do a bit when we're up against it. Engineering's a great trade but, sadly, a dying art - Fabrication anyway.
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