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  1. Ladies and gentlemen, would any of you be interested in parting with a Miroku MK38 Grade 5 Trap, RH, 32in barrels with an adjustable Comb? I want a gun that is in as original condition as possible, with an action that is still tight. I am happy to travel for the right gun, I am based in Devon but I do travel a lot. If you have a gun that matches this description and is sitting in your cabinet not being used could I persuade you to sell it? If so please contact me. The gun would go to a good home and Kept for a lifetime. Richie Peake Sorry for the font size for some reason, it does it’s own thing when I cut and past from my phone. I am sure you get the jist of what I am on about.
  2. Thank you for your honesty. This is what I wanted genuine opinions. I would like get someone opinion from someone who has had one.
  3. V8 90, I shoot in the armed service and emergency service league which Concentrate on English sporting, however, when we shoot with other international (US) elements they consecrate on Skeet and OT. I am ok at Sporting but would like an understanding of the other disciplines which is why I though DryFire could fix this. Thank you for your reply.
  4. Gordon, Sorry for the font, I cut and pasted the tex from a set of notes I have. To clarify and stop any confusion, to shoot 100 to 150 birds each day would be ridiculously expensive, however, I can afford to shoot every Sunday and do. I would like invest in a coach if my results increased. Over time say 3 months with DryFire system would have paid for itself (equivalently). I want to be a top shot, so it comes down to nature or nurture. Surly a top coach and a increased training rate, like any sport would progress your abilities? hope that makes sense! Thank you for your reply.
  5. Please can I get some advice regarding the DryFire simulation system and professional coaching? I am thinking of investing in a complete DryFire system, I want to compete at a higher Level in Sporting, Skeet and OT. I understand that it is no substitute for shooting live, however, I can’t afford and I don’t have the opportunity to shoot the amount of targets that I want to. With the DryFire system I would shoot every day. I would still shoot every Sunday live at CPSA registered shoots. My aspersion is to get a coach to work with me once a month (A coach that could take me from a B shot to AA shot). As you can probably tell I want to be a competitive shotgun shot and I am finding that I am not improving at the rate I want to due to cost and time. I love this sport it’s fantastic, therefore, I am happy to invest in things that work. Questions Is it realistic with lead and clay presentation? Has the system improved your scores across all disciplines? Has anyone used the course design software to set clays that they struggle with and it has fixed there problems? Can anyone recommend a high calibre coach that has a proven track record in the Devon region, that would take me from a B class shot to AA shot and beyond? Any advice you can provide me would be greatly appreciated. Regards Richie
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