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  1. Is there anyone in the Beverley area that could supply me with a couple of rabbit skins i will clean them etc Wanted for dog training
  2. I have just bought a cocker/lab and couldn't be happier ok she's not trained yet but coming on great for her age bot the sire and botch are working dogs but I also didn't pay £500 I have in the past had kc registered dogs as pets and paid good money so this was not an issue I got this cross as they can along at the right time but at this stage I would do it again I also agree that they tend to be healthier
  3. I have gone with csj and she is currently doing well on it
  4. Mine is only a puppy is it to early start and give her this or am I best starting now and continuing it in to old age
  5. I read somewhere that a little cod liver oil is good for dogs, joints and coats. Am I right? If so at what age can I start giving it, how much and how often
  6. I/we have thought about raw But it seems a minefield, in working out how much meat how much veg what kind of meat and veg how to prepare the veg etc
  7. Just found a csj stockists in Beverley And I like the look of there food and site so I will give that a go and see how she gets on
  8. Thanks for the help I will pick one and see how she gets on
  9. I have a lab/cocker both she is from good working dogs I intend to work her and after my last thread on snyeds what would you gents recommend
  10. Hi I am looking to change my pups food to sneyd's premium puppy, and then continue to feed the working and original when older. Just after any feed back on this as a good or bad diet for my dog
  11. Hi I am looking to change my pups food to sneyd's premium puppy, and then continue to feed the working and original when older. Just after any feed back on this as a good or bad diet for my dog
  12. im sorry for your loss mate i was in the same position a couple of weeks ago
  13. Well done and good on Tony any you dont want or need feel free to give me a shout I am struggleing to get land at the moment and currently have none
  14. we shoot a few on our game shoot b ut not many
  15. well I will just do all I can to hide the fact I have it woth me
  16. Where abouts are you in Yorkshire ?
  17. Myself and the wife are going to an event in Manchester on the 18th we had planned to spend some time together as we don’t get many chances to get away. Unfortunately she now has to attend a work event on the 19th luckily also in Manchester so her company will pay for a hotel. the problem is that it leaves me with nothing to do all day. so I thought I might go try and shoot some clays. but what can I do with my gun whilst I am in Manchester and staying in the hotel? also does anyone know what http://www.manchesterclayshooting.com/about/about.htm is like ? Thanks for your help in adv
  18. I guess it had is useses but I prefered to be on the proper range as the rivels where HK conversions to 22 but its not the same as being outside soing it for real, However I things have moved on a bit now so I can see if the funds are avalible and you wanted one then why not I could see how it might help with mount and swing through with out leaving the house etc
  19. when I 1st joined the Army in 1998 we had a similer system that palyed films of a section attack that we would shoot at if you killed the person it would mark your shots and pause for 2 seconds
  20. its not about being a skintflint I was just trying to find out if there was a alot of land around my area
  21. Yes I agree but with no or very little other shooting avalible a few days ot over none?
  22. I live in Beverley I intend to start and look for some permission and would like to know if there is a member on here that would like to team up with me in this quest. I have shotguns, air rifles and ferrets. The Idea would be to share and permission we gained. I currently only have land to shoot over the other side of the bridge, this comes with my game shoot. If you already have land then obviously you keep this as your permission. unless you decide to share Edited to say Sorry maybe you should know I am 32 ex army (not that, that matters) but haveing moved home from Kent, back hom to
  23. Are there any members from or around Beverley members of NPPC? I have been in contact with them and they have land in my area but not sure on how much which is what I am tgrying to find out or roughly how much just to see if its worth joining as I dont want to part with ££ to find there is only 5-10 feilds in 80 mile
  24. I plan to go but not to shoot the clays
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