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  1. Really !!!! What else is it. They make life so miserable for them. They either freeze to death in make shift tents with no support or take the risk . Get a meal on the beach then 4 star hotel. Ok it's not as blatant as what's happening in Poland, but much more subtle and far more effective. If you think otherwise then you clearly are...well I will leave it at that
  2. What the French are up to with all this is no better than what's happening on the Polish border. However we can plead all we want but they will not help us out, infact it seems obvious they are quite enjoying the disruption this is causing in the UK. We must therefore accept this a do things which are in our control. We must drastically reduce the our pull factor. Once The UK becomes far less attractive to these migrants the flow will naturally decrease. However the way things are,we may as well have a huge illuminated signon the white cliffs of Dover. 'Please come to the promised land.'
  3. Oh soo true. I have a place in Spain and make regular trips, out there at moment. First of all I have to complete a lengthy on line form ,prove a double jab and show this before I get on plane and again on arrival. If I cant do this then I cant go. Same on my return but an even lengthier UK form. Plus I have to buy a lateral flow test for day 2 and show proof of that. Failure prevents me returning to UK. I am a law abiding citizen going about my legitimate business but life is made far more difficult for me than this lot of illegals just doing what they want and forcing their way into the country. Yet they are made welcome, put up in hotels and given money and anything else they need. Knowing once here they are here ,they are beyond the point of no return and will be looked after for the rest of their lives by the UK tax payer. Come back Nige you are the only politician I would trust to put an end to this.


    Spot on ,that tells you all you need to know about our society.
  5. Interestingly French, Spanish etc even identify ever object as either Male or female le, la or el la etc. At least we dont have to worry about that or we could have trans gender guns , cartridges etc.
  6. Didn't know that, sort of a scrappage scheme . I wonder if there are any other second hand spares apart from those you mentioned. Cant see there being a demand for his todger


    Good point regarding Ellwood, unfortunately there are not enough of his type in politics but they are still others who are simillar. One that springs to mind is Dan Jarvis, ex para I believe. Was a Barnsley MP and once thought of as a potential Labour leader. However decided to move sideways into South Yorks Mayor. Labour do have a few good people but they are vastly out numbered by idiots and lefties. So the only pressure on Boris will be from within, unless Nige fancies a comeback.
  8. Quite honestly I hated him when he laiked ( Yorkshire for play 😉) and same for Rob Burrow. But that's sport. However like they say we are all enemies till the final whistle and after that best of friends. The guy definitely deserves a knighthood. When you think about the likes of Saville, Philip Green et al. Kev should be at the front of the queue.


    Some very good points. In my mind if he tackles the migrant issue he can fail miserably with everything else, sorting that will be enough. However it's not so much stopping the flow but dealing with them harshly when the land and kicking them out as fast as they arrive. If he fails with that, everything else will not matter,he will be toast.
  10. Nothing weird about rugby league. You are right about Kevin in how you describe the man. Perhaps its rugby league that helped shape his attitude to life and character which made him the man he is.
  11. There was uproar when this creature was released, I really hope those responsible for making the decision get the sack.
  12. Donkeys are good swimmers, they are probably coming over the channel with the inflatables

    Wonderful News

    Perfectly true and that is the real problem behind transport and may other social services. However I believe the whole project of HS2 is a total waste of money. If that amount of money is available for transport investment ,I think we all can think of more areas which are need of improvement ahead of HS2

    Azeem Rafiq

    Let he who hath not sinned, cast the first stone
  15. The French are definitely as bad a Belarus. However their tactics are not as blatant. They are far more sneaky and subtle and therefore very effective in deliberately sending them over.
  16. Yes munglers post sums up the situation and I agree. However I have yet to hear one word about any of this whole situation from the main opposition parties. Their silence speaks volumes about them! So it's Boris and his mob, we have no other choice unfortunately. It's quite ironic that Labour are always looking at ways to bring this government to account or better still remove them and they seem to always fail. Yet here we have a situation that any credible opposition could use to bring the government tumbling down quite easily. I wonder why they are so quiet and not questioning what is being done.
  17. We need to stop giving them any incentive to come. Trouble is there are hundreds of thousands already here and over the years they have built up various organisations and support systems within the country which help attract them and once here make it hard to send them back. Quite simply it is a 'soft invasion' . It will be wave after wave and there is no doubt that the numbers will continue to grow


    One is one too many Bomber confirmed as asylum seeker, what a surprise


    Yes not much detail in the media at the moment.
  20. I would strongly discourage any young person to consider a career in the armed services. They will put their lives at risk and for what? This country is no longer worth fighting for. This tide will not be stemmed but will only increase . UK will not be a country as we know it in the next 20 years or so. It will certainly be something that no one in their right mind would lay down their life to preserve
  21. Quite honestly I cant see this worrying the Tories. They will only be under pressure when the electorate have a credible alternative and an opposition who will really twist the knife about the issue. Wo will do that ? Not the liberals, they are so soft and weak, they would invite as many as they could. Not Labour, also soft and weak but will see these as thousands of potential voters, more the merrier for them. So basically , I really think this issue will never be addressed and the only possible way the tories could be held to account for their ineptitude would be someone like Farage. However, although he will make some noise, cant see him doing much more.
  22. They are just extracting the urine out of our country. Just wait while summer the numbers will be huge.
  23. They will be welcomed with open arms by many in the UK.
  24. Think the hardest part of living that lifestyle is actually finding a place in this country where you could live in that way. Practically you would need to own the land, then no doubt at some point you would get planning issues. Possibly the only way to squat on some land and build a rudimentary dwelling would be to claim you are a traveller.
  25. Yes read it myself. Probably the most significant contribution he made to cop24
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