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  1. For those who got out on the shore I salute you. Hopefully 2021 will better for us all. It's that bad I have started jogging.
  2. With a crop full of acorns it may be earlier than you think. Roost shooting in a storm is the cream of the sport.
  3. Having literally had to swim for a duck once I will always prefer to shoot where I can easilyr retrievemy quarry. For some owning a gundog is not possible but by being sensible and picking your shots it's not essential. Having said that they are great company and a day out with them is even more special. Sharing a dawn or sunset with your four legged friends is part of the experience. I swear some dogs are like radar, when tail stops wagging there's geese on the way.
  4. Used the 35g White rabbit s in the past very good, a gun shop in Thane used to stock them.
  5. I called the store in Basingstoke and they got me some gamebore steel and the service was spot on. I would call them rather than trying your luck as I have had the same issue is nothing in stock.
  6. Slightly off subject but when the technology allows you to swap batteries and continue your journey I think there will be issues. If your planning a long journey I imagine the logistics are a nightmare. As mentioned before until the infrastructure is in place again there will be issues.
  7. I have been using decathlon decoys for a while and they are good. Their mojo equivalent is ok but needs a long pole in my opinion.
  8. That's a lot for a flight surely? . Fair play for posting as warning to others.
  9. Bought parts for a benelli from a website in Italy, a third of the price and arrived in 3 days. Brownells was more expensive and would have taken weeks
  10. I prefer to use mammoth steel but always check the pattern first when using a new brand. Bought some fiocchi last year and wasn't too impressed either the wigeon were armour plated or cartridges lack the impact of gamebore.
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