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  1. I'm looking to secure some permission in or around South Yorkshire to shoot pigeons and other vermin I'm actually willing to pay for the right perm I also own a industrial door company and would be willing to help with any repairs to the doors on the farm/ permission
  2. New to all this what do you mean by all own gear obviously (gun carts) decoys hide etc?
  3. As anyone got any views on the fabarm axis rs12
  4. I'm pretty new to this I had 50 clays with the gun and a experienced shooter said the gun fitted fairly well but he said the gun fit isn't important until you are constantly mounting in the same position because you could have your gun fitted to a certain mount and only mount in that same place 2 out of 10 shots this means the gun didn't fit for 8 of those 10 shots but like I said I'm new to all this and try to listen to everyone although I do understand some will be wrong
  5. The 686 seems to fit ok I will eventually get a gun fit when I'm consistently mounting my gun in the same position then I'll get fitted
  6. Hi so my sgc as arrived and I'm looking at buying my 1st gun mainly for sporting clays but hopefully in time some game and pigeon shooting I've tried a new 686 silver pigeon 1 sporting today and really liked it just wondering on any views you guys have good or bad thanks
  7. That's not the case as I've been to humberside shooting ground without anyone hired a gun bought cartridges and away I went
  8. Hi I'm currently in the process of applying for my sgc I'm just wondering if there is any other grounds other than humberside shooting ground where I can go hire a gun and practice without being accompanied by someone with a sgc thanks
  9. All sorted thanks 1st lesson is booked for next Saturday
  10. Just trying to work out how to search for members on here 🙈 Sorted ive sent him a msg thanks
  11. Just trying to work out how to search for members on here 🙈
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